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  1. 2013- Grabber Blue 5,200 miles, 2014 DIB Red Stripes 124 miles.
  2. 1 Alibi 2 yes we do! Rock and Mother F--king roll! denohew
  3. You know I have to say that my brother has two SS's. One 2012 and a 2014. 850 hp. I will never ever say the build quality from Shelby is great by any means! Just saying. denohew
  4. Thanks,It has been it storage for a year along with the DIB one. Pulled them out washed them and almost forgot how much fun and crazy they are to drive! They love this South Texas cool air. Always hated the stock tires but never got around to changing them. Back when I wanted to change them there were no other choices in the same size. They will kill you in the cold with the TC off. I still cannot believe Ford made these BEASTS and take care of them because they are the BOSS 429's of the future! Oh, I have a Lambo Huracan on it's way. It was ordered back in October and they just put it on the boat yesterday. denohew
  5. Robert M I was trying to pull one over on you guys and you were one step ahead of me. Anyway thanks for not reaching thru your WiFi and strangling me! Did one in '11 too when I believe you could only get the fat red stripes and that meant no performance pkg. http://s9.postimg.org/n02yjh68v/post_25955_061554900_1291347075.jpg http://postimg.org/image/9j600lvx7/ denohew
  6. OK guys look here! http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/76702-i-finally-finished/?hl=superman
  7. Can anybody tell me how many Grabber Blue Stripe Delete cars were made for the 2013 MY?
  8. It also had red inserts in the S-H-E-L-B-Y lettering on the back of the car. The fake gas cap in back does not have a red snake. All the other red snake emblems are the exact same size as my other Shelby. This Grabber/ Red car was ordered by me and is an early 13 year model. 20th anniversary on door sills. denohew
  9. I learned the hard way that if you mod = less resale value. But you are saying that they only made 22 of these? denohew
  10. I have one of those too, a 14 with 100 miles on it. Saving it for later! This one has the Recaro's, and every option except glass roof. . denohew http://picpaste.com/IMG_1131-mZ4xWAKJ.jpg
  11. http://picpaste.com/IMG_1141-V3pq0OgR.jpg Here is a pic of the inside. Are these the inserts you are talking about Torched10? denohew
  12. This is how the 13 came. Mac Haik Ford in Texas. They know Ford exec's. denohew Trying to post more pics but I keep getting denied! ??
  13. The GT-H and the KR'S were sent to Shelby for finish out. I believe. Now I have personal experiance with the Super Snake and I will tell you this. The cars that go thru Shelby in Vegas don't have the reputation as being well, let's say " of excellent build out or quality " . Yes they have the "true" Shelby stamp on them but as I said they have some issues. The KR is no different. When the 13 and 14's came out, boy it let the wind out of the KR owners sails! Sad but true. Suddenly FORD built, from the factory , a car that blew the KR out of the water. Both in build quality and horsepower and reliable horsepower. Anybody know of any 13 or 14 Shelby's that have blown there motors? With zero mods? I haven't although I am sure there have been at least a few?? I don't know that for sure. Have seen one SS in Texas that exploded shortly after it came back from Vegas. That was an 850hp Super Snake. The hoods warp and turn all kind of crazy colors. Not to mention all of the other "little" problems that arose from the transformation. Other than a occasional clutch and that 1-2 shift problem, which only happened on my 2012, I really haven't seen or heard of any other catastrophic failures from the "factory". denohew bulk12svt You hit the nail on the head. The 2013 and 14's are the next Boss 429's!! Just don't remove the strut tower brace!! denohew I know I am going to ruffle some feathers with this post but please be kind to me!! Let the truth set you free!!!
  14. Yea Cobra99, that is the total number I am looking at. So a little over 10,000 were built for MY 13 and 14. Now let's separate the hardtops and verts and colors and then the collectors. I am sure there are hundreds probably being held with no miles by collectors. All that being said I don't run across many GT 500's on the road anymore. Used to see them all the time.
  15. I guess the reason for me wanting thoughts on this subject is because I had a 2005 Ford GT and sold it in 2007 for a little less than I bought it for. Well ( as I puke ) we all know how that turned out! denohew
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