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  1. Plus the off-set on wide wheels is such to help prevent fender rub.
  2. Nice. Grilles were having some for issues, so they were making some adjustments. Facebook has had some good updates.
  3. Is this the Reggie Jackson car? I’ve seen it’s been dropping in price recently. Still a bit rich asking price, but getting closer to reality.
  4. Awesome update. Looking forward to the new items. Understandable on the grille, lots of global delays out there right now. I would rather get right than forced with issues. Shelby GT license plate frames are hot looks right now. 🤔
  5. 285’s! Wow, what off-set are the front? That’s awesome! I’ve done track days, but never anything serious. To be honest you can track any car, but there is a difference doing it in the right car. My 70 Boss 302 was set up for track, but I ended spending so much time under the hood it took the joy out of it. That said - seeing your icon - my neighbor has a Cayman GTS and though I have not taken it on the track I have pushed that thing pretty hard on the twisties and it’s a blast!! He has the manual transmission - the only way to go IMOP - but still with rev match it’s like cheating! (No I don't turning off). So easy to drive fast. He is afraid to drive the KR...now that it’s been upped to 600+ RWHP he will never drive it (dyno tune in less than a month away, I’ll post honest...but I’m betting it there). cheers to driving!
  6. And you had one of the best! What’s next for you Swede???
  7. This is very interesting. Technically it’s still a GT500 on the MSO, so it’s not a pre-title car. Sounds like it could have been a dealers “personal” car.
  8. Thanks 👍🏻 The part number is M-6066-MDVTA. As far as I can tell it’s the same as M-6066-SGT (which is the 605) but with a smaller 2.8 pulley in place of the 3.0. I’m planning to take her up to Brenspeed here in the next month with the goal of a dyno tune focused on honing in on the spark and fuel tables, but leaving the KR Tune MAF alone. We’ll see!!
  9. Razor center caps are easy. You can pick up on eBay new. The chin spoiler is the same as the SS. You can find them from time to time, but not cheap. Truth is the spoiler can probably be fixed with layers of Eastwood crystal clear paint and sanding, but it’s a $1200 piece so should be considered in the price. What did Steve say about the 605, and more interesting the 427?
  10. Those look great. Hmmm. I might need to upgrade to 305’s. Did you go 255 or 265 in the front?
  11. The white 40th has such a good look. It does appear as of this particular car is done properly with the 605hp upgrade. It has the FRPP TVS supercharger, which is the right one (replaces the stock Eaton). If the supporting paperwork is missing, which would be surprising, Shelby America should have a copy in their archives.
  12. Personally I’m a big fan of the 40th, but in the grand scheme of things Shelby / Ford / Mustang this particular car doesn’t seem all that important. Maybe I’m wrong here, but $100k seems like good money. To the seller it’s worth more and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  13. Thanks for the replies. So it’s not being cheap, it’s a matter of looking to keep the MAF curve untouched (if possible). Almost all “over the counter tunes” start to mess with that table. All those tunes are looking to get max HP out of the engine. I’m not looking to put down max power in this car. The pro-cal tune that came with the kit is 99% identical maps to the KR tune, with the exception that the KR tune accounts for the lower back pressure of the KR exhaust. That said, I will be taking the car in for a custom dyno evaluation and if needed update to the tune. Until then, Running cooler plug and 93 octane (keeping off WOT) won’t be an issue. More to come!
  14. Razors are +30mm front and +48mm rear. There are a few guys running 305 in the back without rubbing on some less off set wheels. 295’s are not a problem, particularly with a 10” wide rear. A lot of guys run 255’s on 9” front. It’s a great balance to a 295 - 305 rear. Looks spot on. I currently have them on my SGT:
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