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  1. Only $100 to pre-order the truck. And that is refundable. Love this:: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/22/jim-cramer-tesla-cybertruck-akin-to-spectacular-failure-of-ford-edsel.html
  2. So, according to the calendar, right about now is about when we should expect to see an update on the grille and some of the other parts.
  3. Now that Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, I think we can all say that is the next Edsel. Too far out! Way to far.
  4. Personally I have scene the 4.6 engine bay done with Shelby aluminum tanks, aluminum battery cover, aluminum fuse box cover and aluminum valve covers topped off with aluminum engine caps and it looks amazing. Pricy though.
  5. eBay is a great auto marketing tool. I have purchased and sold cars on eBay, but never through the “buy it now” button, it’s all been behind the scenes with contacting the seller/buyer.
  6. Stock blower and pulley. This is the only performance bolt-on put onto the car.
  7. Based on the article and it’s name (after the 1963 original) it will be a straight line beast. Looks like the suspension and power delivery set-up will be redone to do one thing very well: make an A to B pass. So long Demon. Good read on the original: http://thecarsource.com/shelby/cobra/dragonsnake/dragonsnake.shtml
  8. Drive report - the 65mm twin blade and the KR tune work really together, really well. Most mild mods I can’t feel a seat of the pants, but not so in this case, I definitely feel a difference in some 3rd gear pulls.
  9. Let’s see how the KR Tune likes the 65mm.
  10. Seems strange, like something is missing. This is a pretty big company in an industry where they have to know the community is pretty tight and loves to talk (that community being is “car guys and gals”). You would think word would get around pretty quick if they made a practice of screwing over their lifeblood...the sellers. Hope this works out. Keep us posted. Besides that hope you had good talks with the new owner and they are loving the car...how could they not? 😋
  11. I’m partial to this as well. If your car lives in a garage on the not so nice days the stripes hold up well. Mine on both my ‘08 SGT and KR look factory new. Neither car has seen water, which helps. I keep them clean with a duster and spray detailer with UV protectant. I detail under the car and wheel wells 1 a year with a light simple green solution. I have 13k + miles in the KR, so it’s no like you cant drive them with the vinyl. Either way your SGT is going to be sweet! Post pics. 👍🏻
  12. I ordered the lower grille. I got my pre-order notification and that’s it; updates have been null. Doing the math though, parts still have another month before they are ready...
  13. I have the Shaker 1000 in my ‘08 KR and and Shaker 500 in my ‘08 SGT. I actually think the Shaker 500 sounds better, more balanced. Then again most of the time they are in the “off” position so I can hear the sound of speed. 😈 I never unplugged my Shaker 1000 sub, but my guess is the entire system would either sound like a 500 or simply shut down?
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