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  1. Thanks for the replies. So it’s not being cheap, it’s a matter of looking to keep the MAF curve untouched (if possible). Almost all “over the counter tunes” start to mess with that table. All those tunes are looking to get max HP out of the engine. I’m not looking to put down max power in this car. The pro-cal tune that came with the kit is 99% identical maps to the KR tune, with the exception that the KR tune accounts for the lower back pressure of the KR exhaust. That said, I will be taking the car in for a custom dyno evaluation and if needed update to the tune. Until then, Running cooler plug and 93 octane (keeping off WOT) won’t be an issue. More to come!
  2. Razors are +30mm front and +48mm rear. There are a few guys running 305 in the back without rubbing on some less off set wheels. 295’s are not a problem, particularly with a 10” wide rear. A lot of guys run 255’s on 9” front. It’s a great balance to a 295 - 305 rear. Looks spot on. I currently have them on my SGT:
  3. Sweet!!! Well, it’s been cold and wet so I have not had a chance to run it with the 20” invo’s, and hopefully I’ll learn to drive around it, but if all else fails...BMR. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gt500+wheel+hop&&view=detail&mid=E4826A5A24FC68C1124FE4826A5A24FC68C1124F&&FORM=VDRVRV&PC=APPL
  4. They look good! I am running Nitto Invo with 255/35/20 and 295/35/20 on staggered Shelby Razor wheels and no rubbing at all. I’m very happy with them. I don’t know for sure if the offset between the Razor and your CS40’s are any different.
  5. Thanks for the reply. So the subject of KR tune working with the FFRP TVS and TB has been beaten to death on the KR section. There have been a few running the set-up for years now with no issues, (Keep In mind only a handful of KR’s are running this set-up so the pool is small) More importantly quite a bit of data was shared to support this. That said, I come to forums for a reason: to get and when I can provide useful information. It’s been a couple of years since any real new information has surfaced around this, but if you have some personal knowledge or first hand experience with the KR Tune with the FFRP TVS I would be much appreciative to hear more. As for the idler I did get from VMP a 2.8 is in tolerance for the stock set-up.
  6. No retune. I did install Motorcraft SP-471 plugs gapped to 32. I’m running either stock wheels with Goodyear Eagles for the “stock look” or 20” staggered Razors with Innova’s. 295 rears. At cold start and idle the exhaust is noticeably louder. (Personally I think it sounds incredible!) I let the car idle in for about 10 min to warm up and gave the let computer time to make any needed adjustments, then it was time to get it out on the road. Sunny and close to 60. Road surface should have been close to 70, so pretty ideal. First I did an easy run and cycle. Not really getting above 3500rpm and not putting in any boost. Then I did a few short pulls in 4th, listening to the engine. After I was confident the KR Tune was within limits (as is to be with this TVS and TB) I rolled into 4th, brought up to 65mph on an open road and stabbed the gas. At that point the tires broke into the dreaded wheel hop...Yes in 4th. I did a few roll-ons, just easing into the gas pedal and power. Yup, it’s fast. Just for kicks I did a 2nd gear stab at 30mph to see if there was any luck with traction...not even close, but at least the tires spun fast enough not to hop. It’s going to be a blast getting to know the increased power! All in it was about $2500, which is about $17 per pony...that’s unreal!!
  7. FFRP TVS is now installed. This is the M6066-MSVTA, which came from Ford with a 2.8 pulley installed. Based on what I could find this should put the crank HP right around 680, more than enough. Drive report coming soon.
  8. So, I am installing a (NOS) 660hp FRPP on my ‘08 KR. For lots of reasons I’m going with this set-up, but mainly because it’s about as “plug & play” and “period correct” for the KR as you can get. (Any pulley smaller than a 2.8 on a TVS and the KR Tune would probably have to go - and other changes made as well) Those keeping score may recall the 660hp TVS kit was “technically” for the 2010, and came with a 2.8 pulley (vs the 605hp kit for 07-08 which had a 3.0). The 660hp “technically” did not fit the 07-09 because it came with an air inlet resontor eliminator, and not the full CAI. None of that matters on a KR, all you need is the blower. Here is the one snag I can’t seem to find the answer: Supposedly the 660hp bolts right onto the 2010 with no need to change the belt or put on an idler. I can’t find much info if installing a 2.8 pulley on a 07-09 requires the 90mm idler or shorter belt. Revan Racing has 84” listed for this set-up recommended, which sounds right considering the stock belt is 84 7/8” (for 07-12). Anyone have experience with this? I’m trying to figure out is do I need to go down to a 84” belt OR go to a 90mm idler when going to a 2.8 pulley - or neither? (PS - I’m really not interested putting on any idler arm.) Any helpful info would be much appreciated!
  9. Enjoy! https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-sports/chevy-corvette-c8-vs-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-a-track-comparison/ar-BBY5cas#image=BBY5syD|17
  10. Thanks. Apologies, to clarify my SGT is a 08 vert. TwoShelby’s referenced speculation that the verts were possibly de-tuned, and I was wondering if that was simply no tune. I agree it makes zero sense, but I often wondered. My 08 SGT is not tuned all that well, it’s not old gas or gummed up injectors or bad plugs. Sounds like that is just the way they were, with a dip at 2200 when delivered? Keep it above 2500 and it’s a blast to drive. Just a great balanced car even in vert form.
  11. Ok, now I’m hijacking this thread, because I find this very interesting. My SGT 5spd feels like there is a giant hole at about 2200rpm at 1/2 throttle or so. I have never put this car on a dyno, but I’m sure if I did there would be an ugly dip in the graph. My original thought was there was never a tune installed and with the more air coming in through the intake it caused this. So was there a tune installed at SIA all in the SGT’s, or is it the standard GT tune?
  12. Huh. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254456305306
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