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  1. If any of you are looking for a 2007 GTH 1:18 autographed by CS himself, comes with COA....I will be selling my real GTH soon so all the things I added over the last 10 years are going to. I also have a 2007 autographed air bag cover with a COA and CS signed it in his legendary large signature.... PM me if interested.
  2. Sorry, these cars were iconic at the time, and not meant to be stuffed in a barn....
  3. Great find, but what a horrible waste to let an iconic car like this rot.....CS would not approve....
  4. Thanks Hertz II My car falls into the higher end, 19K miles, no mods, nearly perfect in every way. I chose to replace the original stripes in 2008 after buying it (top side only) since they were faded. The interior is perfect and car has been stored in a climate controlled warehouse and only been caught in the rain 1X in 10 years. Ill let you know when/where I post and will start in mid 40's. GTH 418
  5. Hey Shelby Brothers/Sisters, It has come time to part with my 2007 GTH, and I recall one of you keeping tabs on current sales, asking prices etc..... Is there anyone out there still doing this?????? I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
  6. An associate of mine is always buying Shelby's....






    Dave GTH-417

  7. Can you send me a list? Davidbdzuris@gmail.com Thanks
  8. Did you see the real deal air bag on e-bay?? It's for a 2007 HTH, but may be same part ### Comes with COS from The Shelby Foundation along with a registry ###. DD
  9. Does anyone have a handle on what the 2007 GT-H cars are selling for?? Seems like $27,000-$37,000 is quite a variance..........Assuming its not a high mileage car and is a 9 or 10 I can see $37,000 but that even seems high!! I have owned mine since 2009 and see very few for sale................... Thanks in advance TS Members, always great to receive feedback!!
  10. Guys, This wasn't meant to be negative in any way or create a firestorm. I was only trying to bring the change into focus for future members to be aware.I visited the Shelby store several times in the past (as recent as October 2013) and never carried my card and was always given the discount. I was more surprised at the response the clerk gave me since I provided my credit card and drivers license which I thought could be cross checked. Thanks for all the comments, I literally just renewed my membership and look forward to staying in touch with all Team Shelby Members
  11. Sure hate to be negative about SA (Store) but I have to vent, we just visited the new facility and were very impressed over all. The only negative was that I wanted to purchase several hundred $$$$ worth of Shelby items and when I went up to the counter and advised the cashier that I am a member of Team Shelby which of course provides us with a discount (see annual membership details) only to hear " if you don't have the actual card in hand the store employees were informed by SA management that they would no longer have access or be able to cross reference member information". Really.......so here it is 2014, technology everywhere, new building, new offices and no one thought that a member excel file should be loaded on the store's file server? We still purchased the items and sure didn't want to stand there and argue with 10 people behind us but someone needs to take a look at this policy and revise it. Thanks for reading!
  12. Someone at Shelby needs to take a look at all the questions and complaints about turnaround time for New Member kits as well as shipping products in general. It is extremely disappointing to order anything on-line today and it take more than 1-2 days to ship let alone 4-6 weeks. Sorry but that is totally unacceptable and leaves a customer feeling disappointed. This part of SA needs a kick in the ass and someone to run this like Carroll would have wanted, FAST!!!!! If you cant do it right, then hire someone that can.
  13. Anyone know if SA will be at the Chicago Auto Show in 2014? Cant seem to locate anything on the TS site including the calendar. Thanks
  14. I would like to replace my Hertz side fender emblems and wondered if any other GT-H owners have purchased the new ones from SAI and if the quality is any better than the originals. Thanks
  15. Anyone visit Shelby at the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) and if so what was your impression?
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