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  1. I really prefer to sell it out right because I want to move into something else but I would definitely show it to you if you're in Edmonton. It's such a special car and I'm always happy to show it off to someone who appreciates it!
  2. Up for sale is my 2009 Don Prudhomme Super Snake. After 5 years of owning this amazing car it's time to move onto something I can get more personal use out of. It's car #4 out of only 5 production cars that were ever built. It only has 1532 miles and is in mint condition. I would love to see it go to a serious collector who will give it the same TLC I have in the past years. Unfortunately I don't have many photos because I was planning a professional photoshoot before I sold it so I'm posting a few that I have. If anyone would like more specific photos then please message me and I will accommodate. Also included are the Race Wheels/Slicks, Race Programmer, Exclusive Shelby Prudhomme Car Cover and signatures of both Carroll Shelby and Don Prudhomme on the passenger airbag panel. Price: $175,000.00 USD Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada Contact Gregg via email or phone: gregglacusta@gmail.com / 1-780-861-1344 Thank you.
  3. Yes the car is street legal. I bought #4 a few months ago from the guy who bought it at Russo and Steele. The car really is amazing and is very very rare. I'm not aware of any switch under the dash for the fuel system. For the strip there is a pulley you change out along with a custom tune you download for race fuel to get it up to 850hp.
  4. Hello I'm interested in purchasing a Don Prudhomme Super Snake. I know there were very few cars built and I understand they are not building them anymore. I missed the one that was on ebay a while back but I am hoping that there might be another one for sale somewhere. If anyone can help me out with my search it would be much appreciated. Thank you. Gregg
  5. I think you might be correct because this is a US car that was brought up to Calgary from Nebraska in August 2008. It's definitely one of the early ones being it's #59 out of 1000.
  6. Hello fellow KR owners! I finally picked up my 2008 KR (CSM No. 08KR0059) last week which is one of the very few 08's in Canada. The clutch and flywheel was replaced prior to my purchase so the car is good to go. I had previously inquired about the options available for adding more horsepower to these cars. Let me say that this car is a crazy beast stock. I can easily break the rear wheels loose in 3rd gear (Traction Control On) by only feathering the gas. I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if I actually floored it. That being said, my quest for more power has ended. It looks like I'll have my hands more than full just driving it stock and I am looking forward to many hours of fun with this car. My wife mentioned today that she can hear the car coming from a block away when she's in the house. I do agree the exhaust on these cars is amazing and definitely turns heads! I have attached pics. Thanks. Gregg
  7. That's a very good question and the answer is no I have not drove the KR yet. I did have a 09 GT500 9 months ago which I was going to send down for the SS package but sold it to buy an exotic. I remember the few times I drove the GT500 how impressed I was with it's power so hopefully I won't want more than what the KR offers stock. Honestly, I think I"m just trying to close the horsepower gap between the KR and SS so I don't question whether or not I should have went with a SS. I know it's a poor reason, but it is what it is.
  8. Well it looks like I'm going through with a deal on a 09 KR. I've struggled for a long time between the KR and the 725HP SS but I personally believe the extra horsepower is the only place where the SS out shines the KR. That being said I need more power for my KR. What is the best way to gain extra HP without major mods? It appears dyno numbers range from 480rwhp to 520rwhp and I know this is a ton of power but I would like to sqeeze out another 50 - 60 ponies if possible. What can I gain by just changing the pulley and adding a tune? What have you guys done and are you happy with the results? Thanks. Gregg
  9. I'm sure this topic has been discussed many times before but I would like a quick comparison between the KR and Supersnake preferrably by someone who is very familiar with both. I'm ready to make a purchase but I can't come up with a final decision between the two. From what I can see the Supersnake is a total beast with way more power that the car can handle. The KR is underpowered in comparison by numbers but could very easily be tweaked to produce more horsepower if it's even needed . As far as either of them holding their value in the future I give the edge to the KR because it is considered a factory built "out of the box racer" which I believe has more appeal. Please chime in with your thoughts, it will be much appreciated. Thanks. Gregg
  10. I'm curious to know if the Super Snake has the same exhaust set up as the KR. I've heard the KR and I love the sound. I'm considering the Super Snake package but have never heard the car in real life. Are they the same systems. If not, how are they different and which sounds better? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Bob Have you considered going to even a smaller pulley and running race gas or is the risk and headache not worth the gains? I would expect that you have to retune to do this is that correct? Gregg
  12. That's amazing HP! Are there any issues that need to be addressed when changing to a 3" pulley? Does the car need to be retuned or is it just simply r+r the pulley? Also is the original 725HP pulley 3-1/2" diameter? Thanks.
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