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  1. I had all my custom Shelby authorized interior done by Gary Disney, but he retired. Does anyone know who can still do Shelby custom interior work?
  2. I have been running Royal Purple 5-30 (as my Shelby Hood Sticker shows for my 07 GTH) and Ford Racing oil filter, but I now need to change my oil in my 16 GTH and it says to use 5-20, can I use 5-30 in it as well. Sure would make my oil buying easier, but still want what is best for the 16.
  3. I am running long tube headers, off road x pipe (no cats) and Borla stingers. It does have some droan but with the Hot Rod Cam, it sounds angry and ready for fun. It will wake up the neighbors!
  4. Well I just purchased 143 from Hertz in Las Vegas and it had always been in Las Vegas. It has 15k miles on it and was in really great shaped, only a very few minor chips on the splitter and a couple scuffs that will buff out. Really happy with it!!!
  5. So when you buy the 2016 can you turn the traction control off, the 2007 that you had to remove the little clip behind the button to turn off the traction control off.
  6. Its a cable with a lead seal that goes from the shock tower to the valve cover to make sure that the motor was not swapped out once the car was rented. I have heard many different versions of this but it basically is the story as I know it. I was put on the 06-07 GT-H.
  7. I was wondering what I can do about the 2007 GT-H engine cable seal that is attached to the valve covers. If a can get another seal when I put on the Shelby covers or if it is just a goner.
  8. Just wondering if these would fit under my 2007 GT-H Foose DF5 rims Tires are Nitto 555, Rear: 275/35 on 20X10" rim, front: 255/35 on 20x8.5" rim
  9. What valve covers, remind about what this thread is about after some photo that was posted!
  10. I hope they come out soon because waiting on these valve covers is holding up my plans of getting my FRPP Hot Rod cams installed.
  11. These will be really nice, cant wait, but not holding my breath. But I will say it would be cool to have them come in Gold!
  12. I am looking for a good shop to install my FRPP cams in my GT-H in Colorado. If anybody has a line on a good one, please let me know. Thanks Robert
  13. I also ordered the G2 paint kit since that was the about the only way I could get the gold for my GT-H. So they make decals that stand up to the heat? If so I will have to look into getting some that say Shelby.
  14. Will you put out on this thread when the Certificates will be available again.
  15. Well here is the latest pictures on my exterior restoration work on my GT-H. Cant wait to get it back! [/img]
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