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  1. The 20” do not fit. Definitely do not clear front calipers. They are a beautiful rim and years ago I purchased them and upon test fitting quickly realized they don’t clear. The 66’s DO clear . That’s what’s been on my car for almost 10 years now.
  2. Hello everyone, does anyone have the production breakdown of the interior colors (charcoal vs. charcoal and crimson) on the 2007 gt500 verts. I'm trying to find out how many of the 13 stripe delete tungsten verts have the crimson and charcoal interior like mine. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated !!
  3. I was there at the show saturday,..I saw your car and what I remember most was the size of the supercharger,..that thing is sick. I pointed out the size difference of yours as opposed to a stock one to my girlfriend,....her response " OOOHHHH,..it is big,......and pretty too !!
  4. Shes home safe in my garage waiting to go to the dealer next week which is 2 miles from my house . Its not the fans and the coolant is full. Until this problem the car was running great and showed absolutely no signs of leaking anything or consumption of coolant,,.....it definitely appears to be a lack of circulation. I should clarify a little detail,...the air coming out of the vents when the heat was turned onto hot was warm (sort of) but not hot for a car that was pegging the temp gauge . Im hoping it is a simple thing like the stat and not a water pump failure. I'll let everyone know when I get her back. Until then its just eye candy in my garage.
  5. Phil and everyone,thanks for the responses. The first thing I did was to check to see if the coolant was low which it wasn't and the coolant was DEFINITELY HOT. It had actually blown a little bit out on the ride home. Im certain the gauge and temp sensor are working,..im just not getting any circulation. I did wonder at first if maybe it was fan related but I still should have had heat out of the vents so im sure there is a restriction. I'm just amazed that with only 8014 miles (to be exact) the stat failed. I suppose things could have been alot worse but it still sucks. Thanks again everyone. Dave
  6. Well,....my sunny wednesday drive into work quickly became unpleasurable when my temp light banged on and I looked to see that my temp gauge was pinned on HOT !! Other than the FRPP CAI ,..there isn't much else done to the car. I noticed also that when I turned the heat on the air wasn't very hot. I'm assuming that the thermostat has siezed closed. Has anyone else had this happen to them. The ride home was just as frustrating since I had to pull off several times to let the car cool before it overheated. I'm bringing it to the dealer next week. My vmp pulley and tune is on order,...good thing I didn't put that on yet.
  7. Looks good !! I painted mine also,..it makes such a difference in the appearence . I choose to paint mine with a small/medium modeling paint brush and a slightly thinned mixture of testors reds to get a shade that matched the red of the interior. The paint was thinned just enough so that i could dab the paint in the center of the letters and it would flow out to the edge.
  8. The 67's are a very straight angled spoke were as the 66's have a slight arc to the spoke allowing it to clear the larger brakes,......don't feel bad,they were my first choice also but it just wasn't going to happen .....you'd have to shim them out way too far for them too clear and at that point they'd look goofy. I'll bet you'd be very happy w/ the 66's. what color is your car ?
  9. They DEFINITELY do NOT fit. They hit the front caliper and would require you to shim them out too far. The CS66's do fit. I have them on my car now. I really had wanted the 67's to fit myself but it just wasn't going to happen. To me the 66's resemble the optional shelby wheel on the 1966 shelbys ( im guessing thus the part number) and im very happy with them.
  10. Just my 2 cents but,..... There are a couple of styling ques I like but as a whole,..I think they had gotten away from the essence of what made the first gt350's so special. They were minimalistic with enhanced power and handling. I think that the shelby gt's are closer to the gt350's than this version. The grille angle and headlight angle seem to clash a bit, heavy looking ground effects that leads to an added on chunky look. However ,..basing it on a gt is a good idea. I like the power plant also. If it were me,..I would have taken a BASE model gt ordered in white,...added all the important and relevant chassis hardware,...stiffen the car up and then drop in that sick power plant. I DO like the hood,its a great modern touch. Simple,nimble and powerful.......just my opinion but thats what it should be.
  11. heres a pic of mine,....im still trying to find the other 12 verts with the srtipe delete option to see how mant have the black and red interior like mine.
  12. heres a pic of my wheels,....20x9 w/ nitto 265/35-20 up front and 20x10 w/ nitto drag radials 305/35-20 in the rear. There is still plenty of room in the back to widen the rear wheels which im going to have done once the drag radials are worn out.
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