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  1. Well after 10 years of scratch free usage I finally scratched the paint off one of my rims on my 2010 GT 500 coupe. I saw a previous post that Duplicolor made a touch up paint for the rim #NG FM 360 Dark Shadow Grey Metallic. I contacted Duplicolor and that color is discontinued by them. I guess I could go to a auto paint store and try to have a small amount of this color made up? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Jim, count me and Denise in on this. This is always a great cruise. Thanks Brad
  3. Ok Jim, Denise and I are signed up. We will be staying on the Delta King boat at Old Town the night before with Harald and Glenda. Valet parking brings car right up to where we meet in the morning. So much cheaper than the Embassy Suites and great breakfast included in the morning. See you then.
  4. Jim, just paid to GoFundMe for car,me and Denise. Looking forward to it,Brad
  5. Jim, the relatives are coming but I will still be coming. Keep me at +1, I will see if my grandson can come and let you know asap. Funny reviewing the LAB Santa letter again. I love his new GT350 WB but now I wouldn't be able to use the line in the letter about needing more horsepower!! See you on the 9th. Brad
  6. Jim, count me and Denise in. She may have relatives visiting then but will let you know if that happens and then she won't be able to come. Brad
  7. Got tickets purchased!! We will be following H0050(Harald and Glenda) but will see you in Vegas. Didn't go last year so looking forward to this year especially with 50th of GT500!!
  8. Just paid on GFM plus one for Denise. She might be out of country then but I will come. Staying in Sacto on Friday night at Embassy. Brad
  9. Jim, Put me and Denise down. We have been working on Sats. the last few years so looking forward to this. thanks, Brad
  10. Jim, my 15 yr old grandson will be joining me for the cruise. Trying to get him used to the GT500 since he might inherit it? Anyway add one for me. Thanks,Brad
  11. Jim, post me up also. Denise will be leaving for Germany that morning so I will be single. I'll pick up the conga line as you come past Prunedale area like I have done the past few years. Good thing the 500 has as much hp as it does so I can catch up to the 80mph line as it comes by,haha.Brad
  12. Thank you Jim for a great event! We enjoyed the cars, the cruise, the food, the people, and the trophy was the a perfect touch! We will be ready for next year!!!
  13. I talked to Lars before he posted this and he has no problems with anyone coming with a newer Ford product, Mustangs. He was just trying to stop someone from showing up with a Toyota. He has a 50th 2015 Mustang which I am sure will be there. They do a great job for a small show and a great dealership ( I bought my 2010 500 Shelby there). Many TS members have been to this in the past with newer Shelbys.
  14. Yes gave out some real nice plaques for the 50th of the MUSTANG. Looks they will be giving out something special if you sign up early again. I am going.
  15. Yes he is and after I made my comment I thought I should have mentioned Jim also!!Thanks for giving him the credit he deserves.
  16. Thanks Mike, great to have this available. Now that I am retired again I hope to make more of these events. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your involvement too, CaliKR
  17. I didn't go with the S type because I thought too loud and went with their Multi Core which I really like. You should go to their site and see if they have a demo of it on a mustang (prob not on a GT500). Anyway thats my two cents worth. Brad
  18. I put the Borla Multi Core axle back on my 2010 GT500 and I love them. No rasping but just a deeper noise than the stock. Wish I could send you a video but this computer is on its way out and no sound card. Getting new one soon so might be able to post something then. I got the multi core after talking to Borla. They say no "drone" when up to speed but I still have it but not unbearable.
  19. JIm, I just found out that my stepson will be visiting from Germany so and 1 to me. See you on the 4th.
  20. Ok, as luck will have it I will not be working on any Saturday for the rest of this year!! It will just be me going since Denise has to work. I will plan on picking you up as you pass Hwy156 on 101 probably around 1100 or so?. I think I have enough horsepower to catch up quickly!! Then we can talk about SC and his appearance at HMB!! See you on the 4th, Brad
  21. Ok thanks Mike. I will order the other two tires for the front and sounds like better wear than the Goodyears.
  22. Thanks OT!! I was planning on taking it on the track at Laguna Seca since I only live about 20 min drive from there and also wondering how the tires would work for that. Also what kind of wear did you get on the Hancooks?Brad
  23. Well I have to try and pay you back some how for all those rides in your Boss at Laguna!! Hopefully I can take my own car to LS this year. Good idea by Harald to go from the one to San Antonio to Salinas Valley Ford but would be a long day!!
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