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  1. Are there any pictures of this vehicle? I am very curious what this car looks like!
  2. Do you know how hard it is for the average user to follow this interesting thread with all the bullshit surrounding it?!?!
  3. This passes for acceptable in California? Not surprised.
  4. Thanks for the replys everyone. I thought i would get to test drive the GT500 but it is raining today so no dice. I thought the GT/CS had a lot of pull and it is loaded with navigation, sunroof, the comfort package......just loaded. The GT500 has the navigation as well so that might have some bearing on the pricing offered. It is interesting how this particular purchase is affecting me. I am the type of buyer who is super patient and I never fall in love with any one car. I like to shop and LOVE to deal and negotiate. As a rule I am finding the negotiating a LOT easier than in past years. After some coaxing I was able to get 5400 dollars off the sticker of the GT/CS. To me that is a good deal. But for the first time my heart is getting in the way a bit....that GT500 is a dream come true type vehicle. Which is a problem because I NEVER buy used...... Here is the kicker. I am told...and I trust them...that this is a vehicle that was bought from them new by a guy in his 60's who buy a new Shelby each year and sells back the old one. The vehicle is very clean and the engine and compartment looks as good as new. It looks as if this is a gem of a car. There was a Silver GT500 outside that was "sold" but out for show.....maybe the car the guy is getting once the Grabber Blue sells.....? In either event please keep the comments coming. I am going to buy SOMETHING on October 30th...the last day of the month.
  5. Hello all, I am being offered a 2010 GT500 Grabber with White Stripes and 12,000 clicks on the odometer for 41,000. I saw the car after test driving a new 2011 GT/CS loaded for 36900. It also has 3.51 gears. I am curious what you guys and gals think about a Shelby with 12,000 miles. And also what you think about the new 2011 GT/CS. This car will be a daily driver and I am not usually one to make modifications.
  6. Instant gratification is highly overrated. Savor the tease. My two cents.
  7. Oh you misunderstand. I love your people and your industry! (Especially the wine) It is your politicians and government bureaucracy that needs a check.
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