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  1. Just a rumor but it seems Ford may be planning another SE model - PLEASE let it be a Boss 302!! http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/19/rumormi...is-show-season/
  2. Great insight as always Dan. I agree, most of the pieces exist to create a legitimate Boss 302 - now all Ford needs to do is build it!!
  3. Agree Dan, until a few months ago there seemed to strong evidence to support a 5.0L "Coyote" Boss Mustang but since the economy , those plans seemed to have evaporated. I'm hoping the plans were already in place and production will proceed but it seems more doubtful with each passing day. The 5.0L Coyote would be a huge hit for sure especially if packaged with an appropriate Boss 302 chassis/suspension/brake package. So it appears we are still in "wait and see" mode.
  4. What can we say - we all love our Boss Mustangs!!
  5. Definitely hoping for a "special" reveal at the NYIAS Amen Dan, we are truly blessed
  6. Thanks Son of GT, just keep us informed. By the way, the '10 Stang is sweet! :happy feet:
  7. Hope you are right - do you have evidence?
  8. Agreed Dan, sounds like the Coyote will be a real screamer - not quite sure I believe that the engine will come from the factory with 11:1 compression but would certainly welcome it :happy feet: Definitely need to finish up my '86 project coupe so I can begin planning for my '11 GT Boss Project
  9. Definitely looking forward to a 5.0L 400 hp GT (however a Boss 302 would have been spectacular :happy feet: ) Suppose I'll be buying a '11 GT with the 5.0L and making my own! 1970Boss302 just to be clear this forum is still open, it just seems the separate Boss Forum has been closed.
  10. Looks like the separate Boss Mustang Forum has been closed. As discussed previously, all indicators are that a new Boss 302 Mustang is not in the cards for Ford. Given the circumstances, we'll be lucky if Ford survives this latest meltdown to produce any Mustangs.
  11. I'm not getting into yet another debate with you about your Shinoda - it is no more "blessed" by Ford than a Steeda or a Roush and isn't an "official" Boss from Ford. Oh and by the way, when my car is done you are more the welcome to make a trip to NC to see who has the faster ride
  12. Oh geez not with the Shinoda Boss again - it's just another tuner car and isn't a "legitimate" Boss Mustang anymore than a Steeda or a Roush could be considered a "Boss". The only company who can build a Mustang and call it a Boss 302 is Ford. Given Ford's current state, they will likely trim all SE models until they emerge from the dark side of the moon or go the way of Lehman. However, I agree with 1970boss302 - I'd like to see Roush build a 302R styled similar to the PJ Saleen with a high HP 302, big brakes and tight suspension. The only drawback of course would be the equally steep price tag. I plan on waiting for the 5.0L GT to arrive in '11 and use it as a base to build my own Boss Mustang!!! :happy feet:
  13. Yeah this really sucks...I have been waiting for a new Boss...well, forever. Thanks Ford
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