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  1. to add on to SLAMiAM's post has anyone installed the 2" ARH headers and can you remove the transmission to access the clutch with ANY of there headers?
  2. http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1205_2013_ford_shelby_gt500_first_test/
  3. I had some noise when i first installed it but i loosened it up put lock-tight on the bolts and thick grease on the bushings..no problems now
  4. I ran a drop-in K&N air filter for a more than 10,000 miles no tune and had no problem! the car had more blower wine but i have no idea if it gained any power. it seemed as if it did but then again it could have just been the noise of the blower messing with my judgment on that.
  5. Well got off of two weeks leave that I took just so I could work on the car I ended up installing a Monoblade throttle body, C&L cold air intake, a set of TR6 plugs, Innovators West 10% (8.1”) overdrive balancer, 2.6 Metco upper pully, Metco auxiliary idler, Thump RRR racing belt tensioner, AFCO dual fan heat exchanger, Moroso expansion tank set, Bassani long tube headers, Bassani off-road mid pipe, I made an H-pipe for this set up, 18” Allied glass packs, JLT brake cooling kit, Drive Shaft Shop 1 piece drive shaft, FRPP Shifter, FRPP Black Shift Knob and Handle, Eibach pro springs, Steeda drive shaft loop and Steeda adjustable upper control arm and bracket in addition to all the performance stuff I also painted and installed...Shelby GT500 Super Snake Quarter Window Scoops, Shelby CS6 Side Scoops and a Trufiber venom II hood with twist lock hood pins…and boy what a difference! This baby really shits and gets now! Just wondering who else has a set up like this and what numbers are you putting down on the dyno and strip. I wont be able to make it to a dyno for a few weeks and I would just like to know a ball park of what I’ve got Thanks Chris
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