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  1. Article here... http://abc7.com/suspect-surrenders-after-high-speed-chase-in-la-county/2611861/ "The driver traveled at speeds of over 100 mph in the blue Ford Mustang, possibly a Shelby model, on the southbound 5 Freeway." Hopefully there was not much damage to the car. - Pockdog
  2. From page 7 of the .PDF auction brochure... "NOTE: For liability purposes, Ford Motor Company will render the car completely not drivable, however, the engine will remain functional. Specifically, before auction, Ford Motor Company will remove components and perform operations to disable the drivetrain permanently. These precautions must be taken since the car never went into production." Wonder if it would be possible to "undo" Ford's disablement of the drivetrain? -Pockdog
  3. Springer, How is the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth? Specifically, the seasons?
  4. Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback, I'm reading through all of the information with great interest, please keep it coming! -Pockdog (Randy)
  5. For various personal reasons I am looking to relocate from Northern California to Texas in the next few years, but having never visited there before I am interested in soliciting feedback from folks here who may have opinions about where best to live in Texas. So for starters... Where is the most ideal place to live in Texas? How is the weather (is it seasonal)? How are the schools (I have three school-age kids: 7, 10, 13) How is the traffic? What is the cost of living like? Is housing affordable? Are there any hi-tech centers in Texas? Are the taxes high?, etc... Much thanks in advance, as I value the opinions of TS Members. -Pockdog (Randy)
  6. And to add, IMO, the final "nail in the coffin" for the Falcons was the coin toss to begin overtime going to the Patriots, who chose to receive. Both teams had proven that they could score almost at will by that point, so winning that toss was material. The Patriots winning the toss allowed Brady and the Patriots to maintain their offensive momentum they had built up leading to the tie, clearly they were pumped. There was no question that Belichick and Brady were thinking touchdown all the way (resulting in sudden death) and at that point they were confident they could achieve it, as the option for a field goal likely never entered their minds.
  7. If you have a Sto-n-Go type of removable front plate (but say you have it in the trunk of the car after leaving a car show), and you are pulled over for no front plate, can you then just open the trunk, grab the plate, insert it into the front bracket, apologize to the LEO and avoid the citation/fine? -Pockdog
  8. Is the 3-gauge pod on the dash standard for a Shelby GT/SC or is that part of the Northern/Southern California package that Shelby offered? -Pockdog
  9. Article from MotorAuthority detailing more information about a possible new GT500 for 2018. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1017144_2018-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-spy-shots The author posits whether the spy shots are the GT500 or a Mach1. He also claims that the HP output will be "on equal footing" with the Camaro ZL1 and the Challenger Hellcat. No word on the motor, but some speculate a twin turbo. Hopefully more accurate information will be forthcoming. -Pockdog
  10. Funny to see the mis-match on the OEM 2013-14 Supercharger that has the "5.8" number cast on the side, even though the engine in the car is 5.4 liter... -Pockdog
  11. http://townelivery.com/listing/lincoln-mkt-town-car/ Toward the very bottom of the page... "The AWD model comes standard with a..." -Pockdog
  12. Curious, if you yank the engine and sell it, what would you do with the remaining carcass of the car? -Pockdog
  13. Came across an article about the Playboy Mansion (and other related Playboy assets) possibly being put up for sale and as I scrolled down through the article it was peppered with the requisite photos of the Mansion. Interesting to see a blue Cobra with a decal on the front fender... http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/03/25/04/328A74CA00000578-3508934-image-a-62_1458881524732.jpg -Pockdog
  14. Thanks for posting up pics of the warning notices from the supplied literature... So it appears that it comes down to a cooling (i.e. volume-of-airflow) issue. With street driving, the brakes likely never heat up beyond what normally designed cooling can dissipate, yet normally-designed cooling can't (likely won't) dissipate enough heat under track driving conditions. Conversely, track driving introduces brake heat that is best cooled via the duct kit, yet by virtue of that design, requires higher sustained speeds (higher than what is experienced at street driving) to generate enough volume of air flow through the ducts to adequately cool track-driven hot brakes. It's interesting that each brake cooling solution is only best suited to one driving style and not the other. This gets me to wondering, what other mods (if any) would be needed to make the 2008-2009 KR models "track cars"? Or, other than the brake kit, are they trackable in "stock" form? -Pockdog
  15. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification... What is the nature of the explicit warning? Why is that set up not recommended for daily/street driving? Is there a concern about debris getting into the duct and causing a brake malfunction? Thanks, -Pockdog
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