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  1. If your still looking my 2008 black csm0158 is still for sale. 45k firm 5k miles 505-504-1027
  2. My KR with a pulley and tune would pull the 725/750ho KR SS all day here in a race. I can't even see why people are paying 60-70k for a 13/14 shelby that never went to LV, was never signed but won't pay 50k for a "true" shelby that was in LV etc. Guess your right it's about bragging rights and having the latest and greatest. I know the fgt took about 5 years after sales stopped to start bringing big money. For a few years they were 125-130k for low mile cars and now are over 200k for a high mile car. Would be nice if the KR could at least command msrp.
  3. I'm surprised the KR prices have not gone up already. Sad they are not even at msrp at this point. I see the super snakes made a jump but not the KR. Not sure how the more rare and pre title shelby has not gone up.
  4. Had my KR and 13 boss 302ls and even added a tvs and spray to the boss but need up selling it and keeping KR. Boss was great but just slow. Also when I noticed my limited edition LS had the same wing as the 2012 Cali special mustang it pretty much made the call for me. Gtr replaced the boss and have never looked back
  5. Thanks Cali, don't think it will get much cheaper for a clean low mile 08. 45k is a give away and being it has clean title should be the perfect car.
  6. I get about 12-12.5 on my super crew. This is my 3rd raptor and they all do about the same. I did get 1mpg better with the modified air raid CAI. That all stop and go city. On the highway I see 16-18 doing 80-85mph. Also that was with bak flip bed cover and now with a snug top shell.
  7. I have a KR you can buy for 45k 08 black black 5500 miles. Great condition, check the for sale section for pics. It will come with the stock 18 KR wheels not the 20in Alcoa in the pix. Text me if you want it. 505-504-1027
  8. So not just for the KR, anyone can buy that has to help our KR value
  9. I just need a new cf one for the one I damaged that doesn't cost me 3k
  10. All valid points. To the topic started keep your KR and get the boss later or wait for new Shelby's. I took the boss out today and it stands out and is a blast to drive. To hear the whine of the blower to 7k is very cool and the exhaust sound is perfect.
  11. The 315's will fit. I ran the nt05r in the 315 on the 18's and was fine. Nice wheel setup.
  12. Up for sale is a 2013 SBY boss 302LS. Car was bought new in Oct. car has roush super charger, jlt intake, vmp pulley and tune along with a hidden zex wet shot. Car made 650whp on 91 pump gas and when sprayed made 733whp. Car has 1000 miles and asking 60k. Title in hand and car is located in New Mexico. Text or call for more information. 505-504-1027
  13. I know what you mean. I'm currently thinking of getting rid of my 08 KR and my 13 Boss LS for a switzer gtr. Love the muscle cars and the history of both but in terms of speed and comfort the gtr is king. My KR makes 720whp and my boss makes 736whp and both lose by 3-4 cars to an 800hp crank switzer GTR. I am limited on room and money so need to sell fords for Nissan or just stay the course and pull the roush blower off boss and add the new Lund tt kit in summer and hope for enough power to beat the gtr and whipple fgt,s. that being said the value on KR and Boss seem pretty steady and I know the Nissan will drop 30k in a few years not including the mods another 30k. I thought the shelby would be worth more but seems to be at its lowest right now so think it can only go up. I should know in next week or two if I still have two rare fords or a new gtr. Will see what the trade value is on both fords and go from there. I can say boss rides great, has better seats, fit and finish but people love the look of the KR way more. KR is tons of low end torque and even with blower boss revs and revs and hooks well. Good luck and either way just enjoy them.
  14. Car still for sale send email or number for pix.
  15. Up for sale is a 2013 boss 302LS in SBY. Car has roush tvs 2300, vmp tune, pulley and idler with jlt big air intake. Also has a zex wet kit with all items hidden, bottle, arming switch, plumbing etc. has WOT and window switch in place. Base run showed 555whp on 91 pump. Will adjust and should go up. Has not been run with N20 setup yet. Car has 280 miles and is priced to sell. Just showed up 9/24 from dealer. Also has tint, roush vent gauge mount and gloshift boost gauge. 65k takes it home. Title in hand and located in New Mexico. Text me for pics or call me. 505-504-1027
  16. I have a 2008 KR black on black. 4k miles, shelby dual fan HE, vmp tvs and pulley, lower 10% pulley, one piece drive shaft from super snake, lm 67mm tb and a set of dynatech long tubes. Car had first clutch tsb in 2009 and just came from shop for latest version of the clutch tsb and has about 5 miles on it. Want to sell it for 65k. Looks as new as a black car with 4k miles can look. Splitter was fixed so not sure what that does to value. Car made 720whp on 91 pump gas. Also have a set of the 20 Alcoa rims and tires that could be added to the deal but may just keep them. Just picked up a 2013 boss 302LS in SBY and added the roush tvs, vmp pulley, jlt big intake and vmp tune and made 650whp on 91 pump. Think with some tune work should see more. Also added the zex wet kit completely stealth bottle, nozzle, trigger etc but am yet to tune and dyno that set up. Was hoping to have the boss be the faster of the two cars but have some doubts. So listed boss for 65k with its 280 miles and think KR is worth 65k as it sits. Give me some feed back guys and let me know what you think. Was looking at a 2013 gtr and dealer is saying 100k for both cars which seems low to me but maybe I'm wrong. Titles in hand so I'm ready to move. 505-504-1027
  17. Perfect Jer where do I order the KR caps and cost? I need a set of sill plates as well and do you offer the cf rockers for the KR as well? Please email me the info jciddio@hotmail.com, also do you have the 18 KR wheels tire package for sale still? How much extra for black wheels?
  18. Jer or anyone at SA odds of getting these center caps that say KR for us KR owners who have the 20's. I have one cap that needs to be replaced would love a set of these KR caps
  19. Any idea the weight of the 5.8 without blower vs the weight of the 5.0 in the 302? Also anyone know the weight difference between a 2008 gt500kr and a boss 302 or 302LS
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