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  1. This obviously is not a close up but it does show the wire. This was car number 412. I looked at it prior to buying 279.
  2. I have been following the other topics you have been chiming in on and am very excited to see what information comes up for the Hertz cars. Thanks for all the input. It is appreciated by the Shelby community more than you know!
  3. This is the best topic I have read in a long time, thanks for all the input!
  4. My first car at 16 years old was a 1972 Mustang. This was in the year 1999. In 2000 I sold it for a 1954 Chevy 210. A year later I sold the Chevy to buy a 1967 Mustang so I could take my girlfriend to prom in a Mustang. Still have both of them today
  5. I saw this car in Rochester today, I have been getting calls from people stating that they have seen my car driving around without me in it. I figured someone else had one in the area. I ended up leaving the owner a note on the windshield to call me. It is funny because I actually test drove this car before buying mine. At that time it was at a dealership in Iowa, then I believe sold to woodworking65, then he traded in and I suppose the Rochester person bought it. Very interesting, expecially because I have a ton of pictures of the car from a year and a half ago. Hopefully the owner will contact me......
  6. Got in the car the other day and I lost my Sirius. Lasted almost 2 years after it was out of rental duty.
  7. The ol rental did pretty good at the St Paul World of Wheels car show a couple weeks back. I took "Best on Class." It was definately a fun weekend. I was in the UMRSAAC club display with a 66 GT350 and a 2007 GT500.
  8. This is only about half the cars lining up for the parade.
  9. I have been to Sturgis the last 2 years. It is an absolute blast! They really like to get you out to drive your cars so if you do not like to drive, stay home. The hotel parking lots are packed however most of the cars in them are all Mustangs. The show and shine is huge! The parade gets to be almost too much with so many cars. It takes alot of cops to escort through town. The Mustang Rally is completely different from the Motorcycle Rally. At the motorcycle rally, the party starts at 9:00pm. At the Mustang Rally, the cars are all put away and the owners are in bed by 9:00pm. I definately reccomend it!!!
  10. 07H279 originally worked out of San Diego then took a job over in New Mexico and is now retired living the good life in Minnesota.
  11. Another cloth seat car. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/2206984795.html
  12. Wow, what dedication. She is posing for pics in the shop and he is just working away under the other car. Pretty sure I would have gotten fired.......
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