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  1. Told me?..........if so I guess I’ve slept since then.
  2. Anyone running the Shelby CS3 wheel? Looking for pics on a car.
  3. A properly optioned GT350 IMHO would be far superior to a Boss.
  4. Welcome to Team Shelby. Congratulations on your new Shelby.
  5. I ended up buying the painted JLT's versions. The paint came out great. Hope to install them in a week or two.
  6. Hey there. Long time no post!
  7. Delete if not permitted. 2011 to 2014 GT350's https://www.facebook.com/CSMshelbygt350/?ref=settings
  8. I’m interested in seeing this wheel on the car, anyone?
  9. They’ve lowered the price on our hood to $200 bucks.
  10. Yup, I've looked at 029 a couple of times. Shoot me a PM, Ill share my cell number and I'll send you what I have on the car.
  11. Welcome to Team Shelby. Sharp looking truck, congratulations.
  12. Help me decide. i tried several timers to create a poll, no luck. 1. CSM 034 2. OVR600 3. VEGS 350 4. VGAS 350
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