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  1. 2013 GT350, CSM 133500034 Dwain Liberty Hill, Texas
  2. My 2013 GT350 flutters a bunch too but I can tell you its hangs on fine at 163. CSM 133500034 CSM 08SGT0128 Dwain
  3. Congratulation on it. Welcome. I actually reviewed that car when it was for sale in Austin. Look for a PM from me shortly.
  4. You finally got something!!. Congratulations. You chose well sir! You might be interested to know that your car was number 49 in the Shelby build sequence.
  5. Welcome to Team Shelby. What year is your car, pics??
  6. Welcome to Team Shelby and Congratulation on your GT-C,!
  7. Can this console cover be purchased anywhere? Thanks Dwain 08SGT0128 133500034
  8. The GT350 font? Yeah, it’s block (lol0 but I’m guessing there’s a formal name.
  9. Drove it to Plano, Texas today for the Shelby Legacy show. I was the only "real" GT350 there. 4500 miles on the clock. Dwain Liberty Hill, Texas CSM133500034 CSM 08SGT0128
  10. Told me?..........if so I guess I’ve slept since then.
  11. Anyone running the Shelby CS3 wheel? Looking for pics on a car.
  12. A properly optioned GT350 IMHO would be far superior to a Boss.
  13. Welcome to Team Shelby. Congratulations on your new Shelby.
  14. I ended up buying the painted JLT's versions. The paint came out great. Hope to install them in a week or two.
  15. Hey there. Long time no post!
  16. Delete if not permitted. 2011 to 2014 GT350's https://www.facebook.com/CSMshelbygt350/?ref=settings
  17. I’m interested in seeing this wheel on the car, anyone?
  18. They’ve lowered the price on our hood to $200 bucks.
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