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  1. Is there any other kind?
  2. Too much scotch. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Any truth to the rumor that the BASH is moving to Charlotte in 2020? Heard a rumor it would be at the end of FEB or early MAR. Just curious.
  4. I agree with Cali. I've used brokers as well and as long as you set up everything and get it in writing ahead of the move you should be okay. I also got the name and number of the independent who was contracting for the trip and spoke directly to them before and during the trip. Everything went smoothly.
  5. CA has been throwing wrenches for quite some time. Unfortunately they're getting bigger wrenches all the time and aiming at anything that's fun, enjoyable or pleasant.Having been born and raised in S. CA I saw it all. I swore I'd never leave, nothing could get me out of paradise...after one too many wrenches, we're now in Texas! Best of luck with your dilemma but I'm afraid it won't be easy.
  6. Welcome to TS. Not sure who was supplying the collectiblity info but this run of Shelby's is no more collectible than a person is willing to make them. These are great cars and had a short run of production, so they are somewhat limited in number. They are also pretty specific in what they were designed for. So for all of that they are very unique and stand out when on display. It's not uncommon to find one-offs when you consider the options, donor car and paint schemes. I've attached the production sheet so you can see exactly what was built and what you have. Enjoy your Shelby! 2013 GT350 Production Breakdown Chart TS Version.pdf
  7. ...what today is really all about.
  8. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help!
  9. A little help, please. When we moved, somehow some of my cleaning products didn't tag along. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the leather treatment I was using for the interior of the Shelby. So...can someone suggest something that they have had success with and can recommend? Thanks for the help!
  10. As did I. Hard to complain about that lifespan.
  11. R&R done! Piece of cake. Amazing how they know exactly how many months to warranty the darn things.
  12. Nope, this is the 2011. Believe it depends on the motor what size battery it is. Thanks, though.
  13. No that's a long run! Yep, gonna' swing by the dealer in the morning and pick one up. No reason to change that I can see. Thanks.
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