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  1. In addition to what's above, take a look at these two sites and plug in the VIN. Lots of info: https://vincheck.info/check/vin-check.php https://www.epicvin.com/vin?aff_id=5d86729c9a5aa
  2. Nice post and info...thanks. Craig Jackson has certainly done well in the auction business. The new 2020 GT500 looks like a nice iteration if only it didn't have such a foolish (at least for the buyer) ADM and if if they'd have put a gear shift in it...
  3. That must be an awesome Mercury!
  4. Nice looking car! Welcome to the club....
  5. Talk about bullying! And see, your entire post was proselytizing; again taking over the initial topic and turning it into a C8 advertisement. And that's what shows up in a myriad of posts other than the sub-forum that you created. You guys just can't help yourselves. And always using the specious argument of Carroll welcoming all car guys is getting old. He welcomed car guys to become Shelby guys. Your sentiments are akin to visiting someone and painting the bedroom because you don't like the color and then telling the owner that all paint is good and he shouldn't mind the new color. You've become interlopers, just accept it.
  6. Tim, Nothing was directed at you as an Admin. My comments were directed at the fact that there are 2 groups when there should only be one group. For years we had one group with an occasional update on issues in the auto industry that may have been of interest to members of Team Shelby. All good. We didn't have sub-forums, threads and hijacked topics. Thanks for your effort as an admin...and I've said my last on the subject.
  7. Unfortunately there's a group of you guys that insist on "sharing" your thoughts in a number of threads that didn't start out as corvette threads. Just can't help yourselves. Since this is a Shelby site, I think the better question is why don't you guys post on a different, more appropriate, site so we don't have to sift through inappropriate threads?
  8. Pretty simple, really. I pay my dues to belong to a Shelby Forum. If it continues to be trashed by competing interests, I will leave. I've voiced my concerns and displeasure to Team Shelby. I come here to share a common interest: Shelby's. I don't care about who owns corvettes, or Dodges, or Ferrari's or any other car. I don't care that someone has owned two hundred cars, or that someone else is an "any car" guy. That doesn't give them carte blanche to take over threads and insert their self serving ramblings, often times the same ramblings in multiple threads. I'm tired of sifting through the non-Shelby crap to find something of interest. So it's simple. If it doesn't get back to the way it once was, I'm outta' here.............just sayin'.
  9. I'm guessing the used ones came out of a flood damaged car. Seeing the price of the new set, maybe I should try and find my set that I put away somewhere!
  10. But if I recall correctly, one had to have a CSM number in order to purchase directly from the Shelby store. I think I had to do that to get my extra set.
  11. So...I've been reading this thread for a couple of days. At first I didn't understand what the hoopla was all about until I went and looked at the corvette threads. My first thought was, "what the **ll is all of this doing in the Team Shelby site. But I read, and reread, all of the posts supporting the inclusion of everything anyone wants to talk about on the site. But as I read all of those I kept going back to: isn't that what facebook is for? I even gave thought to the specious arguments that Carroll invited everyone. He may have, but that was to share in the Shelby experience, not to compete with it. Sorry guys, after careful consideration, having your corvette forum, or any other specialty car forum for that matter, on TS would be akin to having a kissing booth at a cold sore clinic. Just sayin'....
  12. Okay, I feel stupid here, but what does a corvette forum have to do with TS? I searched everywhere I could think of and couldn't anything that points to this topic. Somebody enlighten me...and make it gentle, please .
  13. Well, I've still got the original tires on the GT350. I know they're reaching their limit due to age; unfortunately they still have nice tread on 'em. Just wondering what replacement tires y'all have put on that you're happy with. I'm not looking for track tires, just road driving. Anyone found something they like better than the Goodyear Eagles that came on 'em? Just wondering before I start looking. Thanks for the insight.
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