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  1. ...what today is really all about.
  2. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help!
  3. A little help, please. When we moved, somehow some of my cleaning products didn't tag along. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the leather treatment I was using for the interior of the Shelby. So...can someone suggest something that they have had success with and can recommend? Thanks for the help!
  4. As did I. Hard to complain about that lifespan.
  5. R&R done! Piece of cake. Amazing how they know exactly how many months to warranty the darn things.
  6. Nope, this is the 2011. Believe it depends on the motor what size battery it is. Thanks, though.
  7. No that's a long run! Yep, gonna' swing by the dealer in the morning and pick one up. No reason to change that I can see. Thanks.
  8. Good points, thanks for the input.
  9. So...I keep a trickle charger on my battery when I'm not driving the Shelby. It has always done a great job of keeping the battery topped off. Now, however, the charger is indicating the battery is bad. I suppose that's possible since it's 8 years old. Now here's the two part question; what is the best replacement battery, and can I leave the trickle charger connected while replacing the battery so nothing in memory is lost? Thanks for your thoughts and advice.
  10. "And to clarify, the '84 and '15-'19 versions of the GT350 were not Shelby's?" Those were built by Ford and never saw the Shelby factory. You'll find countless pages of discussions on the site about what is and what isn't a Shelby; and I suppose it'll never end .
  11. Your best solution is to replace them with painted stripes. Solves the problem permanently. Not cheap, but the best way to go. Pretty sure once the silver stripes go, there's no bringing them back.
  12. Oh please! I suppose that's why they put a dial in the Expedition, to save weight. They did it to re use parts already in the supply line. You notice that statement came from a marketing guy, not an engineer? Anyone want to buy a bridge?
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