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  1. I'm guessing the used ones came out of a flood damaged car. Seeing the price of the new set, maybe I should try and find my set that I put away somewhere!
  2. But if I recall correctly, one had to have a CSM number in order to purchase directly from the Shelby store. I think I had to do that to get my extra set.
  3. So...I've been reading this thread for a couple of days. At first I didn't understand what the hoopla was all about until I went and looked at the corvette threads. My first thought was, "what the **ll is all of this doing in the Team Shelby site. But I read, and reread, all of the posts supporting the inclusion of everything anyone wants to talk about on the site. But as I read all of those I kept going back to: isn't that what facebook is for? I even gave thought to the specious arguments that Carroll invited everyone. He may have, but that was to share in the Shelby experience, not to compete with it. Sorry guys, after careful consideration, having your corvette forum, or any other specialty car forum for that matter, on TS would be akin to having a kissing booth at a cold sore clinic. Just sayin'....
  4. Okay, I feel stupid here, but what does a corvette forum have to do with TS? I searched everywhere I could think of and couldn't anything that points to this topic. Somebody enlighten me...and make it gentle, please .
  5. Well, I've still got the original tires on the GT350. I know they're reaching their limit due to age; unfortunately they still have nice tread on 'em. Just wondering what replacement tires y'all have put on that you're happy with. I'm not looking for track tires, just road driving. Anyone found something they like better than the Goodyear Eagles that came on 'em? Just wondering before I start looking. Thanks for the insight.
  6. First off, welcome! I would second the above comments. The brushed aluminum accessories add a nice touch. If you want to go all the way look for the Shelby embossed ones. One of the first things I did was add the hood struts (color coordinated) so I didn't need the hood rod to keep the hood up. You can replace your radiator cover with a carbon fiber cover...a bit pricey though. Go to a couple of car shows and take a look at the stuff guys have done to their cars and you'll get some great ideas.
  7. A lot would depend on which particular Shelby you have and what was done to it. As an example, since I have the 45th edition on the GT350, I have the original Ford order doc's and the original build/order sheets from SAI. I also have pictures of the car sitting in the SAI warehouse waiting for its turn to be built (don't ask me how I got those 🙂 ). Since it was a museum delivery, there is a bunch of doc's that go along with that. From original order to final delivery I have binders full of "stuff." So it all depends on what might be available with any particular iteration of Shelby. I'd say you've got it covered pretty well unless you're the original owner and have the sales contract to go along with the rest of the paperwork. Just sayin'.....
  8. The sticker price is one thing, then don't forget the ADM. Nice car, but it really needs a gear shift, not a dial...just sayin'......
  9. Is there any other kind?
  10. Life is good! 👍
  11. Too much scotch. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Any truth to the rumor that the BASH is moving to Charlotte in 2020? Heard a rumor it would be at the end of FEB or early MAR. Just curious.
  13. I agree with Cali. I've used brokers as well and as long as you set up everything and get it in writing ahead of the move you should be okay. I also got the name and number of the independent who was contracting for the trip and spoke directly to them before and during the trip. Everything went smoothly.
  14. CA has been throwing wrenches for quite some time. Unfortunately they're getting bigger wrenches all the time and aiming at anything that's fun, enjoyable or pleasant.Having been born and raised in S. CA I saw it all. I swore I'd never leave, nothing could get me out of paradise...after one too many wrenches, we're now in Texas! Best of luck with your dilemma but I'm afraid it won't be easy.
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