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  1. 2012 GT350 50th Anniversary

    Well that could be...mea culpa!!! Did you google a search for the 50th? Never know what you might find.
  2. 2012 GT350 50th Anniversary

    Those pictures are mixing up different cars. The super snake is a 50th. The 2011 GT350 was the 45th anniversary edition. So to get to a 50th GT350 you'd need to get somewhere in the 15-16 year vintage. No?
  3. 2012 GT350 50th Anniversary

    Did you mean a 2015? I don't think the odds are real good of finding a 2012 50th...in any color...just sayin'...sorry couldn't resist.
  4. And you'll also find lots of info on changing out/placing/attaching the scoop during your search.
  5. What Jeff said! But if it were me, and it once was, I would paint the stripes, especially if you plan on keeping the car. But definitely put the stripes back on. Whether you put the stripes around the scoop or not is your call, based on time and effort.
  6. What? What is reference queen? And when I first got here oh so many years ago now, there was at least some warning when things started going astray in a thread. Seems like someone is wielding a pretty big hammer these days. What happened? Seems sorta' sad that we have to walk the razor's edge in posting anything for fear of offending someone and being banished, banned or whatever the appropriate action is. If I get banned, do I get a refund?
  7. Selling Corral

    Wow, that's tough to hear. You know we'll all lend a hand if you need it. Take care.......
  8. Requirements To Qualify as a Shelby

    Or, I believe, you can have one of the few associated Shelby facilities do it. I thought that Galpin was one of those. You might check with Galpin Auto Sports and see if they are. Of course you are pretty close to Las Vegas......
  9. GTH44

    First off, welcome! ....and congrats. Call Cal Pony Cars and explain what you have and what you need. They have the struts/kits in various colors and strengths. I needed a heavier duty strut for my GT350 than the standard strut. They should be able to take care of you. http://calponycars.com/
  10. Posting rules

    Grabber, I remember it well. And learned a lot from those How To threads when I was new to the Shelby world. Seems so long ago..............remember when we used to have sig pictures? John
  11. Average insurance price

    There are a lot of variables: is it a daily driver; do you track it; how many miles per year do you drive it; what kind of coverage do you want; is it garaged etc, etc. I searched and researched for my 2011 GT350 and found American Modern to be the best coverage and easiest to deal with, and I get to pick the miles I drive. I can also call them and up the miles for any given year if I'm going to an event for example. About $650/year now that I'm in TX.
  12. How to Order New Shelby

    While shopping for a new F-150, I noticed that the local Ford dealer in San Antonio was flush with Shelby Raptors and current GT editions. Even had a 50th on the floor. They said they had a relationship with SAI to sell their products and were anxious to take care of mine.
  13. Posting rules

    Viper, I hear what you're saying. But you know, many times I've seen items, in their appropriate topic locations, that weren't Shelby related nor were they specifically car topics. But they were topics that appealed to a vast number of TS members. Some were military related and we know there are a vast number of TS members with military backgrounds or family members. Others were current affairs that might or might not have some tangential relationship to cars but again were appealing to our members. How do I know? Because I've met many of them at outings, Bash's and events. I've also read thousands of their postings on this site and the Shelby Facebook pages. I know that we have injected some humor into this thread but as I sit back and reread it, it causes me some concern. I understand that any site must be maintained in a civil manner unless it's designed and designated to be otherwise. And that someone has to be the hall monitor. But this site seems to be going into an area of censorship that I'm not sure is healthy for the forum. The forum itself has a category for other topics- non-automotive. Over the years there have been a myriad of postings there that have had nothing to do with TS, SAI, or cars in general. Some were even pretty irreverent, but never censored. I can understand keeping politics and religion out of our forum, those are highly personal and very combustible topics. But if we become so fenced in that we can't enjoy ourselves here, and let's face it, that's why most of us drop by, for the enjoyment, then I'm afraid many of us will fade away. I truly hope there isn't some new big brother or sister sitting behind the curtain making arbitrary decisions. Just sayin'........ John
  14. Posting rules

    You guys are gonna' get in trouble...........
  15. Posting rules