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  1. Are opinions outlawed by the rules? Are facts outlawed by the rules?
  2. Agree 100%. The Shelby GT350 offered as a post title from SAI is a authentic Shelby Product the new Ford Shelby GT350 is a Shelby licensed Ford product with no Shelby DNA except the tags and labels. Both are Shelbys but there is a qualitative difference in the "Shelby DNA and lineage". SAI had nothing to do with the new Ford "Shelby GT350". Unless you follow these cars and the hobby it can REALLY really confusing though. I intend to buy a ford "Shelby" GT350 with a track pack next year to keep my Boss LS company. For the money I think the Ford "Shelby" GT350 is the superior track car and a better value. I don't like blown motors for track work.
  3. Tony: Good luck with sale. She is a beauty.
  4. I will be filing out an application and buying one if one of the lucky selected. Tony, how will Ford be restricting the resale of these cars if you know. My thought will be an agreement giving Ford first option to buy the car back at list within X number of years or a lease with a buy out at the end. Any other info?
  5. Very nice cars. ERAs are fantastic cars.
  6. B17drver: I hear you on that. However, looks are clearly subjective. I just picked up a near new Boss LS in Ingot Silver and red. Clearly a polarizing combo I agree. I happen to love it and have gotten a lot of compliments on the car gratuitously. Just the other night a guy came up to me when we were eating outside at a restaurant and he saw us drive in and said "Nice car man". Some people love it and are drawn to it. Some say it's too flashy. My daughter for instance agrees with you and so does my wife who instantly named it "Clowny" when it rolled off the transporter into daylight. But the way I see it, it is a rare and special car. Only 1500 Leguna Secas were built. Of the 1500 only 133 in Ingot Silver and Red. My also happens to be one of the first 50 produced so the Vin# matches the LS#. It's LS 046. Has only 1100 miles on the clock and came with the owners kit and everything. Paid $46K for it. Figured can't beat that. Boss 302 seem to be holding 80% to 90% of their values now. Yes, I agree, once the GT350 comes out I wouldn't be surprised with a dip in values as many rush to get the latest and greatest. But as GT350 suffer from ADMs and once GT350 start showing up on the used market I wouldn't be surprised if prime example Boss 302 start bringing more money again. I think they will be sought after cars in the future and rise in value. Especially the Legunas and especially the Silver LS which number only 133 on the planet red wheels and all. The rarest Leguna Seca of them all. In in the meantime I Iike being different than the crowd
  7. I like the new GT350. What's not to like. However, expect $5000.00 to $15,000 ADMs for the first year or so especially for the R. Nevertheless, I like going a different direction than the crowd sometimes. While the new GT350 is a step above the Boss 302 in performance, chassis and technology as I would expect it to be just as I expect the 2018 GT350 to have more improvements than the 2015/2016 and be a step ahead much of the initial Delta is due to tires. The GT350 tires are huge. 305s. The R's 305's and 315's. The Boss was under tired to begin with which was a large reason why stock for stock the Z28 was faster. Put bigger meats on the Boss and better springs, Koni struts and better brake pads and your right their with a Z28. I know because I did it. My 2012 CO Boss ran all day with 2007 to 2010 GT3s (not Cups but regular GT3's) 1LE's and Z28s, even C6 Z06s and C7 Z51 packages. With my son driving the Boss many of those cars were giving "point bys". Its 80% driver. There is no doubt that a Boss driven at or near its potential will walk away from a GT350R with a mediocre driver stock for stock. The Boss is a special car. If you do any reading on the Boss development program (747) you quickly realize it is a special car and the best of the S197 generation. It was way more than a sticker/decal package. It had its own development program and manufacturing lines and process. The Boss engine is no longer produced. You may still be able to get one in a crate though. It was a much different engine than the 5.0. even beyond the intake plenum. It went deeper, much deeper. Different cam, different valves. The values were hollowed with exhaust being sodium filled. Heads had 2 hours of CNC machining to increase size and flow. Valve train was given higher tension valve springs, retuned chain tensioners, elimination of piston squirters to eliminate windage. Forged pistons with Nitride steel pins. Copper-lead main and rod bearings to provide high load capability, seizure resistance and race durability. Forged rods. 3 layer head gaskets. Rebalanced crank. Improved redesigned oil pan baffles. Boss engines had oil coolers fitted. The Boss chassis was improved with fully adjustable struts, performance spring rates, sway bars, bigger Brembo brakes, cooling for the brakes, quad exhaust etc.. The Boss even had input and final blessings before going for approval from Parnelli Jones. Doesn't get more historic than that. Certainly provides provenance to the Boss. The Boss 302 is one of the most iconic pure Ford names in history not so much the GT 350 which is more associated with Shelby. I like the fact the '12-'13 Boss follows and parallels history of being a Ford performance Mustang then and now winning championships then and now. It is a Ford product through and through then and now. Not so with the new GT350 which does not parallel history. Back in '65 and '66 it was a Shelby and developed and finished at Shelby American. Today, the new GT350 has 0 development input from SAI and never sees SAI. It is a Ford Motor Company developed and built car with a Shelby tag on it used through license and payment for the rights to use it. Doesn't mean the GT350 isn't going to be an awesome car but the parallel to history is not there. Some may not care. I do care to an extent. The Boss was only a 2 year build. There done and moving on. Only 7500 Boss exist and out of those only 1500 Leguna Secas with only 750 '12s being produced and like number for '13. . That's less than the number of KR's or Super Snakes.
  8. The new GT350 and R is going to be an awesome car. A step above the Boss LS for sure in performance. It likely will be due in large part to the huge rubber shoes they will be wearing. The Boss was under tired if you ask me. Likely could cut the Delta significantly for the Boss with wider R compound rubber but the GT350 is still a step beyond and the next generation. Truth is 99% of the guys tracking the Boss can't drive that car at it's full potential and a Boss driven at or near its potential would walk away from them in their GT350 based on their mediocre driving abilities. It's 80% percent driver. I will say that the major difference between the Z28 and the Boss was tires again. Put sticker wider meats on the Boss and its almost right there. Better springs and Konis your there. I was running easily with 2007 to 2010 GT3's (not Cups but regular GT3s) at track days with my Boss. Ran with 1LE's all day long. GT350's will be fetching I would bet anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 ADMs for some time. Maybe even $15,000 with some dealers for the R. Ford knows this is going to happen with their dealers and is the reason why they have taken away the new Ford GT from dealer and will be selling that car direct to customers. Can you imagine the ADM on the new FTGT if dealers got them! Easily twice list. I will wait until the GT350 starts showing up on the used market before I buy one if I decide to get one. I like to go in the opposite direction of the crowds and be different. With a lot of guys looking to dump their Boss (one of the Best Mustangs ever built) to ready themselves for the new GT350 (latest and greatest and no doubt the greatest Mustang built to date) I picked up a near new Boss LS with only 1000 miles on the clock in Ingot Silver which was one of the first 46 produced so the vin matches the LS number for a terrific price. There are only 1500 Boss LS's and only 133 in Ingot Silver. Will likely be at end of GT350 production 20,000 GT350 and 7500 to 10,000 R's.
  9. Tried to pm u too but couldn't. Will try to email u at your contact tomorrow.
  10. Not remorse since I love the new race car and hope to have a lot of fun with it at events in the years to come. Do I wish I still had a KR? Sure. Can't have everything. Have to make choices in life. The new GT350 will be an amazing car. However, what guys don't understand is that even at HPDE events the speeds are tremendous. Many of todays performance cars like the GT350, Hellcat, Z06 etc...are super fast but don't offer the needed protection if !$% goes bad out on the track. The faster you are going the more you need to think about safety. Its not only you. It could be someone else, fluids on the track etc...Shit happens and at speed it happens fast! To build a GT350 to race specs with a Cage, 5 point harnesses, fire system alone will run you over $10K and the car is really not streetable anymore. You reach a point with this were you have to decide whether to cross over to the other side with the car. Once you do there is no coming back. Hard to remove a cage and put things back.
  11. Fat Boss: Thanks. As with you I am familiar with the Boss S and R also. This car was built to equivalent specs and is actually closer to an R than the S as it is also all seam welded, fuel cell etc.... The color is cement Grey. Clearly not a Boss color but it is "different". I had the Boss stripes put on because I love the Boss 302 (I also own a 2012 CO Boss) and because its new heart is a new Boss 302 that has forged Oliver Rods, larger injectors and has been balanced in addition to the fact that the build is right between the S and R. Also has a Cobra Jet intake. On the restricted tune it is doing 397hp at the rear wheel. Unrestricted it's 447 hp at the rear wheel. Weight 3200lbs. I posted the build sheet on the Thread "Couple of KRs for sale in VA and NJ" on page 2 if you want to check it out.
  12. Car started life as a 5.0 GT. Stripped down and built out to Boss S/R specs. It is not a factory Boss S or R but built out to very equivalent specs. Seam welded, Watson Cage, etc, etc.......Build sheet is very extensive. I posted the build sheet on Two KRs for sale VA & NJ thread. It is easily an $80K build with a new balanced Boss 302 engine with Oliver Rods and bigger injectors, Cobra Jet intake, full coil over suspension with remote reservoirs etc, etc, We put the Boss Striping on it since it clearly is powered by a Boss 302 and nearly all components are Ford Racing except for things for example like the oil and trans coolers that are Setrab etc.. Dada: The wing is not for looks. Its not a show and shine Mustang. It was built to compete in AI or AIX or Trans Am TA3. The rear "G Stream" wing creates so much down force at speed that the trunk lid underneath has welded support rods triangulated so the rear trunk surface doesn't dent in from the down force. Also, as other have noted I can't drive it on the street unless I want to get arrested.
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