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  1. Great! A bunch of guys I went to High School with are organizing it, so I'm going to make the trip up from VA to attend. I think they are a little light on real mustang muscle
  2. NSA Midsouth is hosting a carshow on May 7th for anyone interested. If you need more details post up or let me know and I'll dig em up and post em.
  3. Even with a tune the K&N didnt work that well....
  4. They are trying to get 200 mustangs. It will be a meet, then drive in a parade, poker run, and the grand finale is a cruise to Watkins Glen race track with some quick pace laps around the track. Yup, for $25 you can drive on the race track. Ironhorse autosports is heading it up. The link up top has more info, and they do have an email list for updates to the event.
  5. Thanks for the compliments, I read on the internet that Vapor Metallic gives you an extra 5hp over the standard GT500. If you dont believe me you can read it on the internet... just hit refresh and scroll down to the last post... its all right there!
  6. Anyone going to the Cruise in the Finger Lakes, Aug 5,6,7? Iron Horse Finger Lakes Rally The meeting spot is Phelps, NY.
  7. Same here in Memphis, if its hot enough for a/c there is a pretty good heat soak. I've driven up in the 80s this week, and still feels nice. This morning it was in the high 50s, that thing was still wheel hopping in third. Lol.
  8. The cold air made a huge difference. When I bought the car in 09, it had a K&N CAI on it. I put that one, JLT 127mm yesterday. The torque is the biggest difference, along with quicker, smoother acceleration, and I swear my boost gauge is hitting 10 psi now. Before the max I ever noticed was 8. Well worth the $$. The tune is a canned JLT tune installed with my SCT.
  9. Some she's dirty, some she's clean, mostly its the winter mods....
  10. Thanks Mr Farmdog for the great banner, check it out...
  11. Stidog


    Thanks Jeff, hopefully we will be up and running in the Norfolk area in early June. I'll check out and talk with all the local clubs before I commit to anyone Larry
  12. I think its 20 bucks or so here in TN, trading in my retired navy tag for the local tag because the county is SHELBY!
  13. In the near future, I'm going with the 127mm JLT Carbon Fiber CAI with their tunes. Z-man - I've only heard good thing about Bama tunes. Slimer swears by them along with alot of the people on the Legend Lime Registry.
  14. Thats such crap, its covered under the TSB. Point that out to them. The whole purpose of the second part of the TSB is to change the guts of the tranny so it WONT hang in gear... I just had mine done, with zero issues from the dealer, and it was only rough going into second gear! I would point this out, and if they have a problem, just call the Regional Manager for Ford, keep going up the chain of command until they fix it correctly. Its the TSB, not hot rodding, they know this. Its sad some dealers are such jack a$$'s, I'm glad our dealer rocks.
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