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    Plenty, thanks.
  1. The original, factory covers work fine. Soft enough not to scratch and breathe just fine for an indoor dust cover. Still have mine on the car since new (got dealer to throw it in). It is a little slick though, making it tough to put on a freshly waxed car without sliding off. ^_^
  2. A nice collectable for sure - but not a KR.
  3. The S197 does look sweet in DHG - here’s a pic of my ‘08 Bullitt:
  4. I like ‘em all. Mine happens to be black. Wouldn’t kick any of ‘em out of the garage though. ^_^ Years ago, many others had the same questions about which to get - the ‘08 with the cool “anniversary” badges, or the ‘09, which supposedly had the better flywheel in most of ‘em, and the funky, modded Exploder diff cover (not all ‘08s had it). I think that at this point, it makes no real difference. Condition / mileage of the car is what matters most, followed by whether it’s been tastefully modded or not (did Mr. Shelby scribble on anything?), also the original paperwork and all the goodies it came with... I still have most of the stuff mine was supposed to have and it’s still mostly stock. My brake cooling kit is still new in the box. Either year would be just fine; my KR is an ‘09.
  5. A few KRs will lose wheels from unfriendly curb incidents. I imagine more people are building KR clones, too. Chances are pretty slim that ALCOA will ever do another run of these in 18”, so prices are bound to climb. Thing is though, there was an abundance of these after KR production ended - and Ford Racing blew ‘em out cheaply. Some of us picked up a spare set in case we ever needed it. I was just wondering if prices had climbed enough to give me that warm, fuzzy feeling - my spare set is still new in the box.
  6. Has anyone seen a new set of four sell recently? Just wondering what they go for these days. Took a look at ebay sold listings and see no sets have recently sold.
  7. They’re only worth having on a show car but as others have said. - old rubber just won’t be safe (or work very well) if you push the car at all. I also think they weren’t the best tires available, even when fresh and new.
  8. The '01s were kind of cool, too. I am partial to the '08-'09 Bullitt style, though. ^_^
  9. Very nice SS! Welcome from California!
  10. There are still plenty of the KR wheels around... They'll pop up when the prices for 'em go up. How do I know..? That's when everyone sitting on the spares will sell. ^_^
  11. Being post-title allows for aftermarket mods anyone can make without DOT being involved, pretty much at your own risk. The GT500s that were turned into SS/40th had already been sold and registered. I suspect the KR duct kits weren't installed because they weren't part of what was submitted to DOT for road certification. Maybe they were considered too crude, or maybe the parts were just an afterthought, considered necessary during further testing after the car was already submitted to DOT for certification.
  12. They're awesome in every color! When I bought my black '09, I had a choice of 3 colors (inc. red & silver). Thought black would get me into the least trouble...
  13. I bought my '09 brand new and don't give a rat's behind about what any troll like sideoiler / kxbyrns0mj72h53 says they should be worth. My car doesn't care either. I'm sure he'll end up buying a cheap one someday, but it likely will have been wrecked or abused, or changed hands several times before it's finally his. Not what I wanted in a KR, so I bought new (and got a fairly good deal when I did). I wasn't interested in cheap; just nice and clean.
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