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  1. I believe it’s out of stock now.
  2. I have the Extremes mounted on 20” Alcoas on my KR and they are excellent. I think you’ll be happy with them.
  3. The Bangastang cover you show is no longer available unfortunately. The only other options that I know of are from JLT or CPC, however they don’t extend as far into the engine compartment. While Bangastang had their issues the cover was a fantastic piece.
  4. Does anyone know where I can purchase the oil snout seal for a Ford Racing TVS? The aluminum pulley that I installed several years ago suddenly failed and before I replace it I want to change out the seal for peace of mind. The TVS has approximately 500 miles on it. I am having the snout machined down to accept a stock ‘13/‘14 STEEL pulley! Also, apparently a new improved double lipped seal is offered now but I have been unable to obtain a manufacturer & part number. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Duane R.
  5. Thanks for info. I'll try to see if I can figure it out. I too am more comfortable with the desktop version to navigate through the site.
  6. Ok, I give up. How do you get to the Desktop Version on a mobile device? The way it's configured now is ridiculous.
  7. I've got the FRPP TVS on my KR and love it I would suggest that you take it easy if your running the stock clutch. I also added the '14 GT500's cf ds. Those two changes really transformed it into a much better performance car. GL
  8. That factory guage is not known to be very accurate. If your really concerned that something is wrong I would install a mechanical boost guage. Otherwise, if the car runs well with no issues I wouldn't worry about it. GL, Duane.
  9. We'll everyone is entitled to their opinion. I had Eric Vaughn fix the back spacing issue on my rear wheels. I guess my first impression of the KR was at their unveiling and they were outfitted with "20s.
  10. It's your car do what you want to it. I get as much enjoyment working on mine as I do driving them. It's therapy to me. I couldn't care less if I have someone's approval or not. I do keep all of my stock pieces and if for any reason wanted to sell I could return the car to stock condition pretty easily, as I understand that is what most people are searching for. Many of the Shelby and FRPP accessories that I've used have long been discontinued, so personally I think that makes my car unique.
  11. While I have read the same thing I think it's ironic that in following years the GT500 came out with "19s & "20s. I've changed both of my KRs over to the "20 Alcoas & while the ride is definitely firmer I don't plan in ever putting the stock "18s back on, especially since I've got the Shelby/Baer 6S all on four corners.
  12. The oversized idler will take up the slack created by the smaller pulley, so you can just utilize the stock belt as long as it's in good condition. I run this same setup on mine & have no issues. HTH.
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