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  1. I wonder if he let the other person "take over payments" and then they beat on it for a year before he had to take it back?? Could be a good deal with the right repairs...but if someone let the exterior get that bad chances are they probably beat it hard for a year on the drive train too.
  2. Oh man doesn't sound good...thanks for the info! I don't really need the 2 step but thought it might be fun to mess around with it if I did have it.
  3. Does the 08SGT come with a Two Step rev limiter? I know it has a limiter while moving (got a little excited racing a Roush and missed third gear for a second) but didn't know if it had one for neutral to help with launch assist or just being obnoxious at red lights...anyone know? And what rpm's is it limited at? Can it be changed? Thanks!
  4. Saw a White 07SGT in Wegmans parking lot on 441 in Penfield NY yesterday after work...anyone on here? Had the GT 500 hood, front grill and spoiler but definitely an SGT.
  5. Just broke 15,000 on my 08SGT0391...mostly road trips...love to drive this car!!
  6. Notice how close to the curb I parked, I left a good 3-4 feet on the driver's side and this is what I walk out 5 minutes later to find...SMH People suck...no doubt about it.
  7. Thanks for the input Brandon...looks like it will have to wait I was forced to get new rubber before I could order the rims so it'll be a while...or not depending on how fast I burn through this set.
  8. +1 on where to get the windshield banner
  9. Just ordered a set of Silver ones for mine! Thanks MrFarmdog!
  10. I just installed a set of Toyo Proxes T1Rs 255/45/18 all the way around on the stock SGT Bullitts...so far so good, drove the car back from NJ to Rochester NY and the ride was much quieter and definitely smoother than the stock BFG Hockey Pucks. Great traction in the turns and very sticky for acceleration...the only downside I have so far is the amount of road debris they pick up and throw into the wheel wells on town roads from the tread patterns. Here is the link to the tires: http://toyotires.com/tire/pattern/proxes-t1r-high-performance-tires anyone else running these?
  11. I took my 08 SGT to a local dealer to have it appraised for a possible trade-in and their appraiser said "it's not a real Shelby" and valued the car at a Mustang GT price...so I guess my CSM numbered dash plaque and registry certificate are fakes too...I wanted to meet this idiot in person but they wouldn't let me.
  12. Sounds sweet bro! Did you have to do any other modifications to fit the 20x9 razors with the 255's in the front and 275's in the rear? I'm thinking about getting the chrome ones and the same tires...any advice?
  13. Here's a pic of my VB-SGT naked, they are on round 2 of stripe replacements, hope they get it right this time!
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