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  1. Thanks very much! I will call on Monday Morning!
  2. Who do we contact at SAI to verify the VIN and CSM numbers for a car that is supposedly a Shelby? Thanks in Advance
  3. maybe, but i still would rather have the 2018 items in my collection. Been a member since it all started, first time having issues renewing.
  4. I cant seem to purchase my annual membership to TS online. When I choose the South Atlantic region, put it in my shopping cart, it comes up with a message that I can only purchase1, and have already done so. My 2017 membership expired in August, I tried the link provided by SAI, but it was expired. Please Help!!! Thanks
  5. Don't know anything about it, but it looks like a great deal if you want a Shelby Pick Up! https://maine.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2016-ford-f150-super-crew/6638507884.html
  6. Up for sale is a mint condition, NEW 7 piece set of SHELBY GT 500 KR Billet Aluminum Engine Caps. This set contains 2 radiator / Coolant tank covers, 1-Power Steering cover, 1-Washer Fluid Cover, 1- Brake fluid cover, 1- Oil Cap Cover and 1 Dipstick handle. These items are new and have never been installed.. They still have the 3m double sided tape where needed. I know these fit 05-09 Shelbys, and should fit 10-14 as well, but check on your own first. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shelby-GT500-KR-Billet-Aluminum-Engine-Cap-Set/112825208989?hash=item1a44e8109d:g:OU0AAOSwIzFaiz41&vxp=mtr These are relatively rare, so get them while you can! $589
  7. Any News on a Team Shelby Package for West Palm Beach Barrett Jackson?
  8. Any News on a Team Shelby Package for West Palm Beach Barrett Jackson? It is coming up quick!
  9. Apparently the tickets for the Muscle Car Lounge were sold out prior to this posting. I emailed Scott the moment the posting came up, he emailed back today April 3, saying they had been sold out.
  10. Steve, For fear of being thrown off the forum forever, here is a member's point of view -mine. I log on to this forum being a member of Team Shelby because I want or need information. I follow the path that is available for the different regions to seek out info on the events that were posted earlier as being in the planning stages. This one is: Team Shelby → Team Shelby Regional Groups → Team Shelby Regional Groups → South Atlantic If this is not the place to go for event information in my region, why have it at all? Further, why are you putting yourself in an awkward position? You replied earlier that there would be information posted soon, indicating that you had some insider information on the event and details would follow. I was just trying to get more information because the date is drawing close. If you just want all members to contact the regional directors for regional events, and questions like this are bothering you, just make it known on the forum board main page that ALL questions on events should be handled by regional directors. And then give their email addresses and contact info. This approach should keep members from pestering you with questions and keep the information flowing. Sorry to have been such a bother to you.
  11. I am guessing that with the Barrett - Jackson event only 10 days away, and nothing being said or posted, this is a non-event for Team Shelby ?
  12. I heard that Team Shelby was putting on a package for the Barrett - Jackson auction in West Palm Beach in 3 weeks. Any updates on this? Tickets? Prices? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know what the qualifications / requirements are for car / driver for the track events? That is- roll bar, safety harness, helmet, etc.?
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