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  1. If someone notices the new owner of SGT 3184 on here please put them in contact with me. Gateway Classics has a very stupid rule that won't allow me to get his info or him to get mine. There are things regarding the tune, etc. of the car that he needs to know. Thanks, Todd
  2. I have had the pypes LT’s with catted x for 10+ years. She passes sniffer test and she is supercharged, sound is amazing. I gained 20+ HP with them as well. Good luck
  3. I've run Borla Touring, Borla ATAK, Ford Racing KR's, MACs, Bassanis and Magnaflows searching for that perfect sound. ATAK's are louder than the GTA's when you are on the gas but around town they are great same with the KR's. The Borla Tourings have a deeper tone and similar sound to the GTA's. Macs and magnaflow sound great but drone like crazy so I wasn't a fan. My current setup is a set of bassani's. They have a dual tip like the GTA's deep sound and no drone. They are not as loud as the ATAK or KR's . Search my content I've posted a bunch of exhaust videos on my quest for the perfect muffler. Good luck. https://lmr.com/item/BE-4607SR5/Bassani-Mustang-Gt-Gt500-Stainless-Steel-Race-Axle-Back http://www.bassani.com/part/4607SR5
  4. Tom, I've run the Steeda Tri-Ax on my 2007 SGT and it was a huge upgrade over the Hurst shifter that came in our cars. I'm now running the MGW and couldn't be happier. Good luck with your decision.
  5. SGT grille. Is this the same as the polished grille? If so I’ll take it $250 shipped to Colorado 80134. Ready to buy now. 

    1. slbgtsc


      My cell is 9702169712 if you want to talk about it.



  6. Peter's story was amazing! I picked up his book and had him sign it. The winner being present was fantastic as well. Sorry I should have put this in the discussion forum instead of tech.
  7. A few shots from the Shelby Museum in Boulder this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to get Aaron Shelby to sign my SGT along with Gary Patterson.
  8. Thanks for showing the way!! Kick myself for not getting it done sooner. I've had it scheduled like 3-4 times but the weather would turn bad or something would come up. I was always worried at the track that one of the band clamps would come loose at high speed and dump the tail pipe into to pavement causing who knows how much damage to the underside of the car. I actually put a clamp and bracket around the pipe and attached it to the bolts holding my drive shaft loop in place. Gave me some sense of security. No more worries or rattles.
  9. So I've had the clamps for well over a year and finally got around to taking it in to a shop for the install. Local Meineke that did a great job building a dual system on my 03 F150 did the work and they did a good job. Pricey at $220 but no more rattles and no more stupid band clamps.
  10. bump for SPP build it and we will buy
  11. Hey SPP we would love the CS8 grille back again...
  12. Love it great job and congrats on a beautiful car. Do tell more about the hood.
  13. For those that decide to do this sound system upgrade you do remove the amps from behind the shaker 1000 sub.
  14. Thanks I'm doing the sub this weekend then I'll do the door speakers etc next month.
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