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  1. What Paper work (Shelby and Hertz) have when you buy a 2016 Hertz Rental car Like Ford bill sheet ect…. Goodies two key fobs ect…...
  2. it has not met the reserve it might be the mileage 80,500 but on these car that does not matter
  3. these are the contact around 7 years sully Hertz Steve Fleske Director Fleet Services The Hertz Corporation 14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway Oklahoma City, OK 73134 SFleske@Hertz.com 405-775 3599 phone 405-775 3534 fax Shelby Steve Mansell Customer Service Shelby American, Inc. 702-942-7325 Ext 105 http://www.ShelbyAmerican.com
  4. I bought my 2006 GT-H seven years ago. I'm still missing the Dash Plaque, Key Chain and all the paperwork: Vehicle Description, Invoice, HERTZ Vehicle in Service Check List, Ford's Inspection sheet, Adjustment Invoice and etc.... . If there is a replacement for these I need your help Model: 2006 Shelby GT-H, VIN: 1ZVFT82H665244604, CSM: 06H0272 again thanks for the help Sully David Sullivan
  5. Well thanks for the Info I have one that said Bangladesh I have one that said China I have one like H0050 said Sully
  6. Where they made by China or Bangladesh on the maker tag (Falcon)?? thanks for the help Sully
  7. 6 months ago I would call Wendy first to see if they are instock
  8. I fill your pain, I'm the third owner of my 2006, the first owner did not pass on the paperwork or the stuff, I had Shelby of Las Vegas call the guy but he will not answer
  9. I got a set from shelby Hertz emblems through Las Vegas fro 65.50 for the set I submitted Pictures, CSM No and SS# for the car, to Warranty, Ford Racing (FR.) fwrnty@ford.com , then you wait for a response then you will contact Wendy Calito Wendy Calito Parts Purchase & Warranty for GT/KR Shelby American Inc-Shelby Performance Parts 6755 Speedway Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89115 Telephone: 702.942.7325 ext.:144 Fax: 702.632.3432 Cost of Hertz badges: Cost $50.00 Handling $07.50 Total $57.50 Shipping $08.00 TOTAL DUE $65.50 will good luck
  10. Just went to www.Fordracing.com Performance Parts Wheels 18" M-1007-S1885B 170.00 each
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