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  1. I changed my UCA to J&M's double adjustable street version (vs steeda's with the proper spacer) no clunk any more on acceleration. I also went with a more aggressive pinion angle -2, but my car isn't lowered.
  2. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon & strip later in the day! Rent a Hummer and go out "camping" near Area 51, it's a blast (get helmets etc. just incase).
  3. +1, that is one fast, expensive to own UGLY import.
  4. Dam Phill, I wanted LTs before I read your posts On the positive side I must thank you because now I'll save some $$$ and just get a mid pipe with high flow cats.
  5. 303 Aerospace! Use it on everything from boats, planes to cars... It protects, cleans and sharpens the appearance of any non metal part.
  6. Did you tint your rear tail lights or have them painted? Looks great!
  7. I've already scrapped my front splitter a few times and my car isn't lowered so I'd probably stray away from that piece in cf. For the interior I think *some cf makes it look better. A little too much plastic in there for my taste. Something like the center console, radio bezel and either the window button plate or the door handle opener to give it the uniform look.
  8. I use aerospace 303 to clean and the UV protection, then apply lexol leather conditioner 2xs a year.
  9. I'd try unhooking the battery for 15 mins. This resets everything. Let it idle for a minute afterwards, then one minute idle with the a/c on, then drive it for 5 mins. See if that helps, GL
  10. No doubt if you want traction from a dig you'll need to upgrade the wheels, tires & suspension. I don't believe the LC is going to help as much as people are acting like, I bet it's more like the Boss's and will hold the launch rpm for you. Not many (if any) mfg's make a LC that helps 1/4 mile times drastically like people think this one will. If you don't have auto trans, awd or near perfect balance for weight transfer you can bet it will still come down driver mod for traction through 2nd gear.
  11. If I was you I'd keep those gears for now and learn on those. If your consistently getting good 60' times you can try a taller gear later but on the street you'll Never get traction with 4.10s. 3.73s aren't much of a difference from th 3.55s. Removing the front sway will help the transfer of weight to the rear no doubt, but be real carefull turning on the street or put it back on after track days. The shifter and all synthetic tranny fluid should help a little. Most likely your probably just going to have to slow your 1-2 shift a touch to help not grind.
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