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  1. Car needed stripes.Was a no sale at $33K when you add buyers fee I would have sold it for that price.
  2. I have a copy of the book Shelby GT-H Return of a Legond still in the plastic cover.Can any one tell me if it has Pics of the 07 Verts or is it Just 06 coupes ? Thanks
  3. Near Doylestown Pa we have cars and coffee Sat mornings. I have seen 4 GT s there at one time.
  4. Never saw the cake. Had great time Fri. Night at the Shelby party.
  5. the Penske Mustang is a great car.It has ford track pack brimbo brakes.Recaro seats Gt500 Rear valance.It will never be a Shelby.Most people know the Shelby Name.When most non car people here Penske they think of Rental Trucks.Its still a Great car. Terry 07H350
  6. I rented a Hertz Penske Mustang for 5 days in Scottsdale Az. I was impresed with the perfomance and handling.5.0 much better then 4.6 Having ownd a 07 GTH I wish Shelby had built this car Terry 07H350
  7. MoPars At the Strip same wekend in Vegas.Should be a lot of neat cars in town that weekend. Terry
  8. Looks like mid 30s If anybody is interested call Jeff 267-614-6927 near Phila Pa. if you dont get him he will call you back.He knows Shelbys and Mustangs
  9. My local Ford dealer has just put a brand new 2008 Shelby GT on there showroom floor. Vista Blue stick 1374 miles still on MSO never titled Terry 07H350
  10. I saw 06H177 there on Friday.Did not see any other ones Terry 07H350
  11. I have looked at a few 2012-2013 used Boss cars for sale.Why do people only keep them for such a short time? Terry 07H350
  12. If I only had the money i have now back then
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