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  1. I'm surprised there aren't more of us with this problem
  2. Forgot to mention- 2008 GT500 with 27,000 miles
  3. Anyone have this? Lower hose (6 headed hydra) rubbed against A/C line at the plastic coupler. Plastic lost the battle. I am guessing only Ford has this part.
  4. White all the way. It makes the whole package look far more finished and complete. CF makes it look cluttered and looks like an add-on.
  5. My hood turned to aluminum oxide. Car has always been garaged. Ford told me too bad because it wasn't rusted through! I love the car but it's the last Ford product for me. Replaced it with Tru-Fiber hood. I can't wait to see what happens to the new all aluminum F150.
  6. Better inspect it very well when you get it here on the dock. Bring something to put on the ground so you can get low and check everything. I had a Vette shipped here and the bottom front corner was scraped badly. My Shelby fared much better! Glad to have another great car here on the islands.
  7. I can't make out the last names of the two who built mine. Vito ____ is one and the other is Robert O M____. Anybody know? Those T-shirts and extra tags are a great idea. Ford get on the ball here!
  8. My rims arrived today from BFR. They were boxed the same as Grabber's, but somehow they made it all the way out here to Hawaii unscathed. All have the tps sensor and caps mounted. No valves installed. :happy feet:
  9. I had the same problem on all four rims for my 2008 GT500. Fortunately caught it just before the 36 months. Ford replaced all of the rims. It's a common corrosion problem under the clear coat and usually starts on the edges. I bought another set of rims (2010 GT500 rims, a lot easier to clean too) to run on the car and put the factory ones in storage.
  10. I will be going to the dealership this week and will let you all know how it turns out. I'm sure the salt air here has a lot to do with it. I have an old chevy crank (from my old days, I've learned since then) in my backyard that got so badly rusted from just the rain that it snapped in half. I would hate to have to store my 500 in a air tight bag every time I take it out.
  11. I have a 2008 GT500, performance white with ebony stripes. My baby's got 16,000 miles and it's been garaged everyday. About a month ago I noticed that the paint had some tiny bubbling on top just at the back edge. Looked almost like a minor contaminate (maybe small bits of dust) under the paint. Today I found more on the front edge. Lifted the hood and found plenty of the same all along the under side edges. One of the spots, about the size of a quarter, flaked off. I'm looking at pure aluminum oxide! I'm pissed. Now before anyone tells me that I should by a Venum/SS hood (and I might), I would like to keep all the parts that make it original. I know the 5/60 warranty says that the corrosion has to be through the panel, but at that point the hood could be toast. Aluminum isn't just like steel. Anyone have this issue yet? Before I go and start the battle at my dealer, I would love to have some backup. Still have 14 months to go under warranty.
  12. have you looked a buying a used hood on ebay? Or maybe it's time to get a carbon fiber hood. Could be cheaper than factory aluminum.
  13. When I get that speeding ticket, I'll try this excuse!
  14. Thanks for the help. Guess I'll stop looking at it! I prefer listening to the motor anyway.
  15. My boost guage seems most eratic. Seems to me that it should follow engine rpm levels.At what rpm level should it start kicking in? The needle appears to only jump when I lay off the gas. Most of the time it just doesn't move. Dealer told me all was normal (what else is new).
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