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  1. Yesterday, Ford Netherlands held a meeting open for all Ford. I got invited as they wanted a Shelby GT-H line up.
  2. Yesterday i have spotted the 16H0104 in the Netherlands and Hertz NL are still renting it out for €250,- per day.
  3. Thanks Dick. Look like that they cost around $110,- the only problem is getting them to the Netherlands +/-$300,- shipping cost 😐
  4. Well, I have replaced them with mufflers of an 2008 GT500. Got a great deal on them.
  5. Hi Everybody, It looks like I am needing a Filler to close the gap between my front bumper and my lower deflector. I have read somewhere that the filler of the California Special 2007 was used. Does someone know the part number or were I can order it? Thanks & Regards, Jeroen
  6. Hi, Looks like i have found the problem. The drivetrain pulley has some loose barrings so. Changing them out next month.
  7. Hi everyone, I was just curious who is owning car 06#340 as i am the proud owner of 07#340.
  8. Same here otherwise mail it to me and i will post it for you.
  9. Hi Everybody, It looks like I am having a transmission problem with my GT-H. When I am driving and flooring the gas it sounds like I have a supercharger onboard. Any one have the same problem? I have around 54000 Miles on it. Next Tuesday the car will go to the garage and we will have a look. Fingers crossed!
  10. Thanks everybody. Larry I have tried Ebay but no luck and thanks for the link. Andy, i will keep it in mind. Ilmore, I had the same problem about 4 years ago. I was had luck with welding them back on. Let me have a think about it and i will get back.
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