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  1. The Ford dealer that I service the the car with was able to pull that info up somehow using the VIN (unless they just lied to me).
  2. Have 40K on my SGT and love driving it every day. I did find the ride a bit stiff and clearance low for many public roads. Swapped out the springs for Steeda Sports, and the shocks/struts for Koni Yellows (which are adjustable). Now I can have a softer ride during the week and firm things up on the weekends or for a track event. Ride height is only slightly higher than the stock SGT and doesn't really change the look of the car. Now I don't scrape the front spoiler. The car handles great and is a real blast to drive. My signature says it all.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll keep the airbag cover as is. You're right, it's irreplaceable. The mirror cover seems like maybe a good idea.
  4. I do have the photo of Carroll holding the cover and signing, with my name visible on the cover back. Was hoping, if possible, to get a shot of Parnelli signing the cover.
  5. I have Carroll's autograph on the airbag cover of my SGT. This year, I plan to attend the Indy 500 "Legends Day" honoring Parnelli Jones on Saturday before the Indy 500, which includes autograph session. PJ is one of my boyhood heroes (along with CS), and I'm planning on attempting to get his autograph on something. I've thought about taking the airbag cover and getting his signature below Carroll's. I know he was not associated with Shelby, but he is definitely a Mustang icon. What do some of you think about doing that? Would it be really cool to have both signatures on the dash, or would it seem to dilute or de-value the essence of the original CS signature? I'm not really concerned about monetary value issues on this.
  6. Congrats, 'been driving my '08 coupe daily for 3 years now. Got about 40K on it. Read my signature line!
  7. I had the stripes and scoop on by 2008 SGT replaced under warranty after a 3 month battle with the dealer/Shelby/Ford Racing. The Shelby-supplied stripes by Oracal were used and applied by a local guy that did a beautiful job. The independent stripe tech told me the Oracal and similar stripes are good for about 2 years in our climate on horizontal surfaces, and he doesn't warranty them at all. The FLX Paint stipes are warrantied for 5 years I think. (South Texas is really hard on stripes, paint, etc.) Be sure your strip guy or body shop is willing to take the time to get the trunk letters back in the exact position after the new stripes applied. I think the new Shelby stripe kit and current Oracal material is superior to what was initially put on the 2007's.
  8. I replaced the SGT struts/shocks with Koni Sport Yellows for the same reason. They softened the ride some and gave a more "refined" feel to it, but after several months of driving it, I decided it was still too stiff for a DD. I then replaced the SGT springs with Steeda Sport Springs, after talking with Sam Strano. I now feel like I have a nearly ideal setup. With the Konis at full soft to 1/2 turn firm, the ride is little different from a stock GT. About 1 turn firm seemed good on the track (my first track day - so I'm no expert). Ride comfort is good, and the car doesn't scrape on every speed bump. While you're at it, replace the stock strut mounts with Steeda HD Upper Strut Mounts (eliminates later problems with the stock mounts and allows better alignment). I really like driving my SGT with this setup and now have about 40K miles on her. Also changed out the BFG's for Pirelli P-Zero Nero's. I now have much better grip and control, as well as comfort! Hope this helps.
  9. Recently bought one of the Bondra EZ Clutch Pedal extenders for my SGT and I really like the feel of it. It puts the clutch pedal about 1-1/2 inches closer to you than the brake pedal. Allows you to move the seat back to a more comfortable position for the right leg on the brake/gas and not feel you are having to point your left toes to through the firewall to fully release the clutch. Takes all of 5 minutes to install. Makes me wonder why Ford didn't set it up this way to start with. Anyone else done this or similar mod? Anyone know if the Shelby billet pedals can still be used with this mod?
  10. As far as the price guide, try NADAguides.com. They list the Shelby GT as a distinct model from the GT 500 and GT.
  11. At the risk of starting a firestorm of different opinions (which might be kinda fun) can you expound on that remark?
  12. I have a 2008 5-speed that has been my daily driver for about 2-1/2 years. The stick shift is a lot of fun and makes driving more interesting. A bit of chore in heavy traffic, but I just remind myself that is the price I pay for when it's fun. The standard SGT suspension is a bit harsh day in and day out. I eventually changed to Koni (Yellow) adjustable shocks and Steeda Sport springs w/ Steeda HD strut mounts. I feel this combo is perfect for daily driving, and I can ratchet up the firmness on the shocks for a track day (very limited on my part). Also, the BFG's were toast after about 20K miles as far as traction is concerned, even though they still have a fair amount of tread left. Swapped them out for Pirelli P-Zero Neros and life is good so far! Enjoy!
  13. We're booked all day 5/30 and 31 with surgeries, so it looks doubtful for me to attend Mt Pleasant. How about something local here in San Antonio for those who can't travel far, but would like to show their respects?
  14. Thanks for all the nice comments. Though I never met Mr. Shelby face to face, his public personna has been an inspiration to me since I was a pimple-faced adolescent in the 60's thumbing through issues of Road and Track. To own and drive a real Shelby today is a huge blessing!
  15. Carroll Shelby’s REAL legacy. I’ve thought a lot about Carroll Shelby the last several days since the news of his passing. I have often asked myself, why have so many of us been so fascinated with this man and these cars, for so long? I think the real answer lies not with a single aspect of Carroll Shelby’s life. Not the Cobra, not the Mustang, not LeMans, not the Chili, etc., but with his indomitable spirit. The sickly child with a weak heart, born of inauspicious parents in a tiny Texas town who grew into the chicken farmer that handily defeated the arrogant Enzo Ferrari on the great courses of Europe and went on to become an iconic figure in the automotive world projected an energy we all wanted to tap into. To chalk up even some of Mr. Shelby’s achievements would give anyone the right to claim a life well-lived. To accomplish all of them in the constant face of life-threatening illness and disability, definitely make him larger than life. Carroll Shelby seems to have lived his entire life “pedal to the metal” in spite of whatever odds were placed in his way. In the latter half of his life, basking in the glory of his previous conquests, he devoted tremendous amounts of time and energy into helping others who struggle with illness and uncertainty. I drive my Shelby GT to work each day, because the inspiration I get from doing so is worth far more to me than any concerns about its collector value. When I pull into my parking space, shut down the engine, and look over at Carroll’s signature on the airbag cover, I feel like I’ve already done something different and more meaningful than most of my coworkers and the day has hardly begun! It’s that spirit of courage, passion, and compassion that permeates everything with the name Shelby on it that makes the name so irresistible. Yes, I think Mr. Shelby’s REAL legacy is that his spirit brought out, and will continue to bring out that little bit of Carroll in all of us. God SPEED Carroll!
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