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  1. UPDATE: Long story short: I live in an apartment complex, ground level. Had my summer tires (which had been retired for the season on account of screws - 3 in 2 months - NATCH!) They were on the porch locked together. You couldnt see them unless you walked up on the porch. Some guys came and took them. 240 lbs of wheels. I knew they were useless to any regular a**hole so I visited and called pawn shops (they had stopped taking them). Tried to find places that took used wheels/rims - nothing really panned out. I kept an eye on CL and searchtempest (in case they were smart enough to move or list them out of the area). Wheels popped up on 2 days ago. I saw them a day ago. They were listed under the next town over - which starts 500 yards from my place. Dude put his actual cell # on the ad. I arranged to meet him. Cops, who I filed a report with and was keeping in the loop, told me to cancel the meet. They ended up meeting the guys. Bought the wheels. Arrested the guys. Gave me the wheels back the same night (last night). The only sure-fire ID on the wheels was the two screws I told the cops about that screwed me originally. Life is funny sometimes. 2 guys ruined their lives for $1500 (which they got to keep for probably 15 seconds). Mandatory minimum for Grand Larceny with intent to resell is 2 years in Virginia. Crazy, man.
  2. Guys, I need your expertise. My 2013 GT500 wheels got jacked and I have a suspect who posted them bitches to Craigslist. I have pictures of the inner-wheel and need to know if the number below the Ford logo is a definite serial number or not. It's a 5 digit number, to the right of which is a date, then part number, country of origin (Taiwan), etc. Does anyone know for sure, 100%? Ford customer service said no, Shelby America didn't know (i really didnt expect them to), and the cops have been told the same when they called a dealership (groan). Thanks guys, Chris
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