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  1. Glad you made it home safely.. You would hate to travel with me.. I stop everywhere just because I can.. But I hate shops.. So all the scenic stops get about 15 mins of my time.
  2. Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks.. All was OK post storm, thank you..
  3. Ken, Power restored latish yesterday. I wonder if any of the caskets in the cemetery floated up. (Note to self: Write Cremation in Upon Death Request) Thanks for asking.
  4. Glad you made it home. I know a lot of NO has power. but I'm not sure how much. There are still a number of roads that are impassable. i'm sure you know Middendorfs.. this was them yesterday I used to live a mile from this church
  5. rob, Sorry I lost power.. I'm sure you're home now. I-55 at Ponchatoula was closed all the way to LaPlace. The Causeway only opened late last night I-10 at slidell was iffy. Hope you've made it home safely.
  6. Thanks, no damage so far, but we still have about 12 - 24 hours left of this. Thanks Ken. NOLA should be getting better but there is quite a bit of damage.
  7. Cardude, You guys are going to get tons of what we're experiencing. Stay there, it is crazy down here. the I-55 / I-10 intersection is flooded so you may not be able to get home that way..
  8. They have a protective levee / barrier..people on one side were flooded on the other weren't. OK< I'm gonna say you live in NY *LOL* *ducks*
  9. That photograph is probably Braithwaite, La see video here http://www.wwltv.com/video?id=167880005&sec=554827&ref=rcvidmod
  10. This is video footage from about 10am this morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RpQzizwtWA
  11. that photograph is NOT in New Orleans. I have been in touch with my friends down there. this is a photograph of the neighbourhood pub I go to. This was about 10:30 this morning. The levee that was breached was in Braithwaite LA.. Braithwaite is down the Mississippi River. That is below sea level. If ya'll want more news on New Orleans.. go to www.nola.com. yes, some homes are damaged, but so far no major flooding.
  12. Isaac is dumping a lot more rain on us than Katrina did.. BUT we're on the "dirty" side of Isaac. Right now, we have tons of wind and some rain. I have video uploading of around me. I have been up there.. Stay safe and dry. Thank you
  13. this thing is going to be loitering around for a while.. Where did you evac to?? Just stay safe.
  14. Thanks, Rob will need to be careful when he returns.. I know there are powerlines down in Metry..
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