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  1. Well, this is every time the engine is shut down. Not noticeable from inside the car with the hood down.Just a Pssshhhhhh. sound - like an air brake being released. Definitely not an explosion thank god. Can you check your Shelby? Hood up and standing in front near engine. ( I guess if you lean out the Drivers window, you could hear it too)
  2. No - I do not hear this when the seat are up - or the radio is on for that matter. But - it is still there and concerned that this isn't a "normal" operation of the car. It just doesn't seem right and it shouldn't be "Mustang Specific" like the Mechanic suggested. Can you see if you have the same "noise"? by trying to duplicate - (put your seats down and listen) Static sound, scratching or rubbing of two objects. Goes away when clutch is pressed in. Thanks!

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  4. 2010 Shelby GT500 Can anyone confirm that an Air Release sound coming out of the Air Filter when the engine is turned off each time is NORMAL? Not heard while in the car with the hood down, but with Hood up and standing near the engine. It happens on every engine shut down. -- A POOF like sound escaping from the Air Filter Again - My Local Ford Dealer Mechanic informed me that this is a normal occurrence with the Supercharger. And since I have an Aftermarket K&N Air Filter, it is even louder. Was told by another Senior Service ADVISOR - that K&N air filters are not very good and that they allow more dirt to enter the fuel system and destroys vehicles. Would like to know thoughts on K&N air filters and if this Air Poofing sound is in fact NORMAL. Thanks!
  5. 2010 Shelby GT500 (23,500 miles) Can anyone confirm this is Normal....While rear seats are laid flat. (Down) I'm sure this happens all the time, But this is how I started to notice the "Problem" While accelerating, I hear a noise that resembles Static - or two pieces of metal rubbing slightly together creating a constant Shhhhhh sound. When the accelerator is let off into coasting in gear, the noise will fluctuate for a second or two, then continue. When Clutch is depressed noise disappears. There isn't any loud clunking going on, just this. I brought this to the Ford Dealership Service Department - Mechanic there informed me this is normal gear noise in the Mustangs since there isn't any dampening materials. Please HELP with your experiences and knowledge. Thanks!
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