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  1. Not practical, read too expensive, to trailer the CS6 down but a last minute decision means the Adrenalin will be pointed south on Monday. Look out for the UKPONY2, see you there
  2. My Turn2 CS6 going faster than a speeding (2001) Bullitt
  3. Also waiting for the registry to be published.
  4. When I attend small, local shows I don't have any expectations of winning. It's always a hot rod that wins or a piece of junk that belongs to one of the locals. When I attend a larger show such as the International Mustang Meet I let my competitive side come out to play. My car won her class in 2008, placed in 2009 (then the CS6 conversion happened), won in 2010, 2011 (didn't attend in 2012) & 2013. In all cases I have a quick look around while someone I trust watches over my car but then spend the rest of the show by my ride. As has already been stated you, sadly, have to watch people. One time I had my lug nuts loosened by a jealous competitor, thankfully my MG Midget overheated on the way home before the wheel had a chance to fall off (this was back in the UK). Another time I watched a child walk up the hood of a Lamborghini while the parents stood by and did nothing (I lifted the child off by the scruff of his neck & kept them all there until the owner came back to his vehicle).
  5. UK PONY


    Sweet! The factory blue on the powerwheels is quite light compared to Sonic Blue. It would have been waaaaaay cheaper to have done it that way but I would always have wanted it painted. Thanks . I can't claim much credit for making it happen beyond knowing the people with the right skills & having the vision for how it should look when it was done.
  6. UK PONY


    Striped up & almost ready for show;
  7. UK PONY


    Tonight's update; Huge props to my buddy Cam for his paintwork. Tomorrow it's off to the decal shop - we'll see how long it's there for
  8. UK PONY


    It's not finished yet but I thought I'd share a few pics of my current project. It will end up being as close to a mini replica of Violet as is possible. Test drive the day I bought it; Starting bodywork; Interior work; Base coat of Sonic Blue; I have my decal guy on standby to make & apply the CS decals & stripes & have new hubcaps sitting in the garage. I may bite the bullet & buy new wheels but definitely will figure out how to duplicate the grille.
  9. Looks great. I've modified a few lapel pins before, they usually work well.
  10. I'm positive that there would be more than just myself who would appreciate some V6 love from SPP Jer
  11. Yep, that's me too. Weirdly I find it very relaxing but as I don't have he time do that after every drive I avoid driving in the rain wherever I can - in my ownership, eight years now, Violet has been driven in rain four times...mainly going to or returning from car shows that we're a long distance from home. Fixing that by buying an enclosed car hauler purely for the couple of long distance shows I want to take her too each year (some are in the depths of our winter where she would be tricky to drive on her summer tires).
  12. I get the same thing with my CS6 all the time because "it's not a real Shelby, it's just a V6". There's a lot of "experts" out there, ignore them & enjoy showing off your ride .
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