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  1. I have used both Lund and VMP tunes in my 2012. Side by side either is a good option. Power came on differently, in each, the Lund tune was/seemed more torqey in the mid range with a brutal power surge and the VMP tune seemed to be a bit more measured. Each handle the throttle closure differently, from an engine brake perspective if you let of the gas with the Lund tune it snapped the plates closed and had more pop and burble than the VMP version. The vmp tune seemd to modulated the closure a bit. Never compared them on a dyno, but both worked well and were a considerable boost with a pulley. D.Brisson 2014 GT500
  2. sorry waqs posting from phone and thought I had made it to proper forum, decided to open both, painting this week i hope. Regards, db
  3. Opinions wanted, should I open the inlets and outlets and epoxy screen in or just leave closed? It on a black 2012 gt500. I partial to at least opening up the inlet, mixed on small back outlet. Regards db
  4. I was looking at the same exhaust for my 12. I am trying to find something close to the 2010 KR exchaust, had the flowmaster hushpower and they were a little soft, changed to the flowmaster outlaw and they are very loud so looking for something in between. These looked good but may have to reconsider.
  5. Put on the outlaws today, very close in sound to the mufflers deletes, only have a few miles so verdict is still out. Very loud but not edgy, more explosive when power is applied. SUpercharger while is diminshed or hard to hear over the exhaust now, not sure if i like that or not. May have the hushpowers up for sale on ebay soon if i like these.
  6. I have the hushpower version on a 2012 GT500, and while it sounds good its not as aggressive as the KR mufflers were on my prior 2010. I found these while looking around and think they might be closer. http://www.cjponyparts.com/flowmaster-axle-back-exhaust-kit-outlaw-3-inch-stainless-steel-with-4-inch-tips-gt-gt500-2011-2012/p/CBF40/ I did see these quads from magnaflow which look like the new version 2013, but may be too loud if thats possible. I did have the Pypes deletes on the 201 for a few weeks but thought it made the car sound like a work truck and went to the KRs. http://www.cjponyparts.com/magnaflow-axle-back-exhaust-kit-2-1-2-inch-competition-magnapack-with-4-inch-quad-tips-gt-2011-2012/p/CBG59/ Any thoughts?
  7. I second the pulley, tune, exhaust, silencer package. I just put a 2.59 pulley and Lund tune on my 12, (partially because I couldnt get a hold of Justin to upgrade my 2010 tune, I did get an email and will probably spend the money to get that tune to and compare them). I can say that for under 2k the pulley, tune, and exhaust is the fastest, coolest route for a large and very noticable increase. You can worry about handling later, and improve that incrementally. I also removed the silencer on the intake for $60, no gain, looks better, adds more whine. It woke up my prior 2010, the Lund tune turned the 12 into a monster, I am sure VMPs tune is as good.
  8. Negs, not brake dust. When the car is perfecty detailed, ie spotless the front wheels are just ( or look ) a tad darker than the rears. I'll try and grab some pics
  9. I swear my fronts are a tad darker than the rears, and I have seen pictures on some 11s that the rears look darker. I have looked for paint lines or repair indications, (as a previous Acura dealer repainted a Type S wheel and didnt tell us when we purchased the car) but cant see anything. Anyone else think or see differences in their SVTPP wheels?
  10. American Muscle keeps showing out of stock, I have an email alert set up and week or so with nothing new
  11. Same thoughts: When I went from my 2010 to the 2012, once I did a similar math calc, (ext warranty on 2010, plus new clutch at some point, other maint needs vs. minor trade ding, svtpp package, plus recaros, plus fresh car) I went with the 12, I swapped my pulley over, bought a tune from Van and a set up axles backs from the board and am having a ball with the car.
  12. I can say I had my pulley on for a day while waiting for a tune to come in the email on my 2012. While I didn't thrash it, the difference between, stock, pulley no tune, and pulley tune are considerable at each step. The pulley with no tune brought in a bit more needle movement on the boost gauage and pickup was accentuated over stock. It seemed as if the mid came on quicker. Once the Jon Lund tune was installed, it was greatly different. The car pulled from the start, evenly and brutally through the low and mid range. It seems as if the boost gauge is reading higher with the tune then prior to it. It could also be because I never really spun it up without the tune.
  13. Made plate brackets to bolt up to the 2 center bolts on the splitter, it keeps the tag fairly low and out of the way of the HE and rad. Bad phone pics but you can get the idea. Installed the 2.59 pulley from my MY10 and a tune from Revan and Jon Lund today. Only 30 minutes of drive time but its is a monster compared to when I brought it home. The mid range pull is incredible, even with temps in the 95 deg range, again not enough drive time to heat soak the car but I am impressed. Now on to exhaust selection and I may be done for a while, maybe. The Roush is leading the charge but maybe the Hush power from Flow master or the small canisters from Frpp that look lik the older KR version but not sure of the sound. DB
  14. Traded my 10 in for a 12 with SVTPP, stripes, Recaro Nav and cover, as per the prior threads. Pulled my pulley, tune, filter, res delete off to go onto the 12. First impressions, as I thought I really loved the burble and tones of the FR500 exhaust on decel, and accel, so something has to change there. I set the steering to sport, drove the 16 miles for the supercharger to turn on and cruised home (about an hour drive). I did not get on it hard but noted that the 10 with the smaller pulley exhaust and extra whine felt more visceral, but the 12 can get there with the pulley I am sure. It felt more planted and the shifts really were tight. I did not hit anywhere near what is needed to see if I have the "grind" issue. I do like the integrated home link, but will miss being able to tilt the base of the seats back ( unless I can but have not figured it out yet. ). 6th Gear with the taller gears feels more usable. I will miss the stripes on the shifter ball, I may need to get a MY10Ball. The dealer did not drill or attach the front plate, which is cool but I have to figure something out there. It will be fun getting used to this version. DB 12 SVTPP
  15. I had the pypes muffler deletes on before the KR and they were too much, wonder if the magnas are a bit down from them?
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