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  1. Sorry about that it does say except convertable. I have the factory sub in my car and theres does not look like it takes up any more room than the factory one. I would call them.
  2. I have a simular noise coming from my car. I have done alot a the same suspension work you have done. I have access to lifts daily. I did not start hearing the knocking sound right away. It was about a year after installing the parts. I kept putting the vehicle up a lift and checking to if something was loose. Everything was tight. Finally I found that the exhaust was causing the noise. Good luck if you have not already found the problem.
  3. Kicker makes what you are looking for, They are also a licensed Carroll Shelby manufacture. You can get the sub with the Shelby name on it. Look thru the catalog and you will find it. It is a nice upgrade. They also offer door speakers. JD
  4. I used the complete adjustable adjustable Eibach kit from Shelby Performance Parts. The only issue I has was the adjustable panhard bar rubber the frame tie bar on dips. They offer a replacement tie bar that fixes that problem. JD
  5. I have had mine for two years now. Bought it used for 36k. I have dumped a bunch of money in and don't regret any of it. It has been worth every penny I paid for it! There is nothing like 550 rwhp. It puts a smile on my face everytime I drive the car. I am not the guy that bought the car to resaleit. I bought it for my wife and I to enjoy! We will continue to drive it. Continue to upgrade it and never look back. If we had purchased it for an investement we would never be able to enjoy the car. Love your GT500, Drive your GT500!
  6. Thanks guys for clearing that up. I guess I will start with the upgrades I listed. Then once I get use to them I will upgrade again. When I bought he car I thought the factory hp was enough but as you guys know you want more. The wife keeps asking what is wrong with the factory equipment or they should have done that to start with. But that wouldn't be any fun would it!
  7. I am looking to put a 2.59 pulley, CAI, CS intercoller w/fans, lower 2008 crank pulley and programmer on my 07 GT500. Why do some people go with a new supercharger(TVS) to gain the same HP? Can anyone help me with this? I realize the TVS may be more efficient, but I don't understand the cost vs. HP gain. JD :
  8. They fit great. They fit as good as the factory vents. Cleaned up all the tape that was left behind from the old vents. Added 3M double sided body tape to new vents like the old ones had. They snapped right into place.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. BMR accidently sent be the relocation bracket and that was the invoice I looked at The 007 bracket fixed everything. Hopefully you have yours installed now and your problem is fixed. JD
  10. BMR Part number phr008 will give you the clearance you need. Shelby also offers the same part (made by bmr). Shelby doesnt have the part in stock. I ordered mine and received it in a week. I installed it yesturday and no more noise. Check my posts and you will see the effected area. The interference was coming from the left side about three inches from where the bar attaches to the relocation bracket. The cas is a pleasure to drive again. Hope this helps.
  11. Here is the evidence. You can see the powdercoating has come off and that the brace is slightly bent above the scrape.
  12. The relocation bracket for the panhard(driver side) bar to give the clearence needed for the diff cover like in the picture pushes the bar far enough back to cause the clearance issue. This becomes more of a problem after installing the new anti hop brackets with the CS lower control arms. At first I would only hear the noise if I was going 60+ mph and hitting a pretty aggressive dip. Once the new contol arms were installed the suspension works much better and would not take as much of a dip to get the suspension to move as far as it does now. I'll post a picture when phone gets it to my email account. It is takng forever!
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