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  1. I was watching the Mecum auction yesterday and saw a 2012 V8 convertible hammer for $42500. That seems like pretty strong money. It was the only 2012 convertible in race red but not the only one in the entire GTS run.
  2. Tony, You must be sick over the hammer price on your GT. I expected it to go a lot higher.
  3. Can you still send your own 2018 or newer car to SAI? The website implies you have to order through a dealer.
  4. I got that card for my GTS (Mustang GT). When I asked my dealer for the mobile service they knew nothing about it and wouldn't offer it. When I took the car in for the replacement I showed them the postcard and they just shrugged their shoulders.
  5. The orange body color seems to be different from the orange stripe color. I suspect the body color is from Ford.
  6. Mine also rubs at times. A few years ago there was a thread about this. Other trimming the lip, which I didn't want to do, I don't think there was anything else to try.
  7. How is 2008 "smack in the middle" of 2005 - 2014?
  8. I don't think that's a wide body. There are 2 different owners posting in this thread.
  9. Tony, Where is that disclosed? I still don't see it. I didn't watch the video. Maybe it's in there. My point was more about telling potential buyers what replica it is, not about trying to pass it off as an original.
  10. I've never understood why people selling various replicas don't properly identify them in the text of their ad. In this case the FFR vin is a dead giveaway for someone knowledgeable but there's nothing that tells the unitiated what the car really is.
  11. The brochure and press release both say the performance upgrade is part of the package. I think the dealer has some explaining to do. You should look under the hoods of the other Shelby Raptors on the lot.
  12. Thanks Steve for the very thorough response. You guys are really on top of this stuff.
  13. What are the white stripes in the photos?
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