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    Driving my 2010 Shelby. GT500, 2016 Hellcat, 2003 Focus SVT or 2012 Coyote F150 and making sterling and stones jewelry.
  1. Will have four of us from Alabama. Two Shelbys and two Mustangs all part of RiverRegion Mustangs. We're at Embassy.
  2. Just sent you an email with my data as I'll be attending and driving from Alabama.
  3. There are several Team Shelby members and Shelby and Mustang owners in the Montgomery, Alabama, area that would like to know what will be going on within a reasonable driving distance. We are also driving from here to Charlotte for the birthday party.
  4. Glad to see you purchased one! We have a Performance Blue to go with my 2010 GT500 Kona Blue and our 2013 GT500 Deep Impact Blue! All are extremely fun to drive. My only complaint is that the Recaro seats are not as comfortable as the 2013 GT500's Recaro. Amazing torque.
  5. Last week I received my painted and stripped Bangastang radiator cover. While it did take months to get it, they did a fantastic job and the stripes line up perfectly with the car.
  6. Nice look. I did the same red stripping just after I purchased mine in 2009.
  7. Did you get moved down yet? My husband and I both have Shelbys and if you're interested we belong to River Region Mustangs that get together for fun and cruising. Drop me a note at cobralady@knology.net. Welcome, to the sunny south! Also I'm from Ohio originally.
  8. My baby's new look with red stripe added.
  9. I'm in the Montgomery area and am interested. Have 2010 GT500 and 2010 SHO.
  10. This is only one of our specialty vehicles - 2010 GT500 Cobra which is blue; 2010 Taurus SHO which is white and a 2003 SVT Focus which is red!
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