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  1. Has anyone here tried to install the M-2300-T or M-2300-TA 15" Brembos on the stock SVTPP 19"x9.5" Rims? I bought the kit because Ford Racing stated it would fit the car and then I went online today to check it out and they removed the fitment. Brakes just arrived yesterday and they weren't cheap!!! Online they still say it will fit the Ford Racing SVTPP equivalent rims in 19"x9".... I don't want to start removing wheels and testing fitment only to find out they don't fit. Has anyone tried? Better yet, does anyone have any detailed specs on the BR3Z1007A Wheel caliper clearance?
  2. Interesting. Did you have to use a spacer to fit the Baer Extremes on the Rear tires? I heard a 1/8" spacer on the SVTPP rims. I was told by my service guy that the rotor and pads are worn and need to be replaced so this is the perfect time to upgrade.....
  3. Damn! The brakes I've been dying to get.... whhyyyyyyyyyy did I decide to get married next month?
  4. Jer... you are a god send. Thanks for taking the little things so seriously. I appreciate the info and have a few huge orders I've been saving up for ...planning a big blowout purchase (pending fiancee approval..... maybe) so I'll be looking forward to the fruits of your labour! Once again, thanks! BTW - in regards to the order from the manufacturer ... do you have an approximate eta for those orders?
  5. Jer...on the subject of changing the way things are run....can you look into alternate methods of shipping to Canada? I just ordered a 200 dollar order today and shipping was more than one of the items I ordered.
  6. Jeeze... I'm going to have to wait until its all ready to ship.... I live in Canada and shipping is crazy expensive... I need to order as much as I can in one shot otherwise shipping is more expensive than the items I'm buying..... Why aren't the hoses included with the separators if I might ask? Aren't The JLT ones and Bob's plug and play out of the box (as far as I'm aware)?
  7. +1 for the Michelins. Amazingly improves over the Badyears.
  8. I did it. I created a template based off the back letters and applied it to the front. I love it.
  9. I love the band on the Yurman watch. That cobra skin look is killer. Jer... consider that a VERY desirable feature... at least from my perspective.
  10. Hey all, I'm looking to snake my car at some point and am stuck on stripe colour. The rims Id definitely get in black as I hate the blingy look, and based off this photo, I've decided they are bad ass. As for the stripes, I can' decide. White looks awesome, as is to be expected...but it's the safe choice and that's not something I'm going to consider lightly. I sometimes like going the unconventional route and it usually pays off. Based off the official 2010 GT500 pics, it's hard to gauge the actual colour because the sun is blasting the car and it doesn't even look like kona, nevermind that you can't hardly see the stripe. How not to capture Kona ^ How to capture Kona ^ Does anyone have any good pics of the Kona coloured car with Black stripes? I have a sneaking suspicion it is a killer and brutally tough looking combo but these photos don't help me at all. Thanks.
  11. well... it's a shame for the car... but the bugs deserved it. Stupid bugs.
  12. I've seen them. Now granted, I don't know if they were done in one piece, but they didn't look like they had any seams.
  13. Hey all. Just an update. So far everything seems to be going well. The weather hasn't been that great and I have been working like a mad man, however I got to some detailing tonight, specifically work on the front bumper. I'm happy to report that so far the marks seem to be coming out. I have topped up the divots with paint and then sanded down with 2000 + 3000 grit paper to flatten. For the very light dimples, I add clear instead of blue paint and do the same. Then I started with Megs UC and a surbuf pad. So far it seems to be a real improvement and the almost matte finish my bumper had is now gleaming again. Again I just did a small pass as I was very nervous, but the PC and the surbuf pad seem to be really easy to manage thus far. I'll keep you posted with progress! And thanks for all the input!
  14. Another possibility... a Carbon Fibre ball with red stripes and cobra / GT500 emblem in red? Don't know if that is possible but it would be slick.
  15. I'd be interested in seeing the CF parts shelby offers. I have been looking into available options and the imitation painted CF parts just don't cut it for me. It looks cheap. I especially want to get the SS splitter (perhaps for Christmas) and the diffuser but the TruFiber part I've heard horror stories about fitment. If they have nice rockers coming out, I'll evaluate then, but I was considering the 2013 painted look. Here's hoping for a nice selection of parts. I love that SPP is ramping up the parts they are putting out.
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