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  1. I keep mine installed for original "looks", and it seems to have a lifetime subscription on it as it still works. I rarely use it though. It doesn't pull in a strong signal, and even when it does, the sounds is quite POOR going through that FM modulator. I did get a complete new system for my car and it was sent to me at no charge since mine was all missing when I bought the car. This was many years ago, though. sirius
  2. This past summer I replaced my shocks and struts from my 50K mile Hertz car with Koni Orange. Prior to installing them, I removed the stickers and painted them Ford blue. Nobody would notice they were changed unless they were hard looking for evidence as such. I upgraded to the GT500 shock mounts and upgraded the Ford Racing jounce bumpers. The car is still sporty and stiff, but it's much less harsh than it used to be. I was not a fan of the Ford Racing shocks and struts that were used on these cars. I did also retain the K springs, which I do like for the sweet stance that's achieved by them.
  3. I like the wheels on this SGT! You will love the Whipple. I am very surprised that SAI is offering that mid-draw (Terlingua) hood. I had given up years ago that there would be any more ever made available. Same goes for the deep draw and the GTH hood. Pretty cool that they will still make one for you as that is a great hood. I also haven't seen the whipple install include that inter cooler location up front. Mine is on the fender. Either way, enjoy the heck out of your car and don't be afraid to drive it. I have over 50K on my Whipple charged Shelby, and the first half of those miles were likely very beat on from rental duty. She still feels like a brand new engine, though. Lot's of power!
  4. Thanks for the update Mark. I'm very curious about all this. My car still has the stock K springs and struts. I feel like I should be wearing a mouth guard when I drive it on some local roads. I'd love to keep the stance and character of the car, but I need it to be less jolting driving on the street. I was thinking the yellows on full soft or the oranges would be a good change, but I'm not sure how much the struts would affect the ride comfort I'm seeking or if I'm limited by the springs controlling most of this.
  5. Hey Mark - please report back after you install them and get some miles. I'd love to hear your feedback. I'd like to know how much difference it made, if any. Are you keeping your stock K springs? Since your stock mounts will probably be completely shot, you should also plan on replacing the upper shock mounts with the GT500 ones. https://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-gt500-strutmount-0512.html
  6. I agree - paint them. Oh, and that price for the vinyl is too high!
  7. Looks like it has a deep draw hood, too!
  8. I was looking into putting on the Koni Orange. Like you, not a track car, so no need for the adjustable yellows. I'm told the orange is pretty much the same as the yellow set to soft, which is probably where most would like it. I would hope it would be an improvement in comfort over the stocks.
  9. I haven't been on TS much lately, but I read this thread thoroughly and MAN, you guys are really helpful and spot on!! I have a 2006 GT--H so it's pretty much the same as the S-GT. Mine is an automatic, but that stock suspension is NOT for everybody. It stays flat and is fun to corner in, but if your roads are less than perfect and you plan to do a lot of driving in town on common road surfaces you may like the GT500 better. I drove my friend's 2011 GT500 SVT package and it was a more "comfortable" car all around. Better seats and more comfy suspension. Unless you are driving it like a race car, the handling of the SGT is not superior enough for me to justify the rough riding characteristics you will have to deal with. Again, it depends on your roads and use. If my car had to be daily driver I would have sold it already due to the harsh ride. My car also has a Whipple SC, so I can tell you that the supercharged S-GT is MORE than enough power and it will make you pucker more than you care to realize if you aren't careful with it. Same goes for the GT500. Either way you really can't go wrong in the $30-35K price point for a a clean low mileage example. Just get the one you like best - you didn't mention color. You have a much broader color palate on the GT500. Ooh..almost forgot. The SGT is known for having terribly shitty stripes and possible hood scoop issues. Find out if the car you are interested has had any of these addressed. Worse still, if the stripes were replaced with incorrect knock-offs. This is not an easy or a cheap issue to address. Ford used much better vinyl material on the stripes for the GT500s.
  10. Be cautious looking for good "deals" with the stripe removal. My car's paint was damaged from stripe removal, necessitating it being sold to me at a discount. I had the entire car repainted - no regrets. It's way better now than it ever was new.
  11. I've never driven one of these with the Paxton. I have put over 15K miles on my GTH with the Whipple. Like some have stated here, it takes a careful feathering of the gas to keep things under control. The power is instant and you better be sure you have good rubber with proper air pressures, etc. You better also be pointed straight when you get on the gas. If you punch it rolling at 40 or so, the auto will downshift twice and then BANG! Hold on! It's like getting fired out of a canon. From a rolling start you can feel your way to WOT, and then hold on. You will feel each gear chirp off some tire traction, and it accelerates like crazy. Any deficiencies in the road may be scary. I had a lot of fun driving through the tolls in Illinois opening her up each time from the rolling start (: One nice thing is you can custom tune your car to behave anyway you want. On thing I miss about my Whipple install is the rumble of the factory Shelby exhaust - the Whipple whine takes over quickly. My car is tuned with only 9 psi of boost, but she's putting down 450 RWHP with my last street tune. My car has nearly 60K miles and she's still just as strong and snappy as ever.
  12. I think using the GT-H designation without Hertz involved is a huge mistake. Making the car look like a Hertz car is even worse. These post title cars are confusing enough for the public to understand. Shelby just made it worse and in the process is irritating loyal Hertz enthusiasts and owners. No doubt sticking their middle finger up at Hertz corporate as well. I guess we'll now never see another Shelby Hertz car in the future.
  13. Congratulations - these cars are stunning!
  14. To answer your question about current trading values, my short answer is keep it. They are being traded for far less than what they are worth. The market is brutal to these wonderful and historic Shelbys (:
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