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  1. httphttps://www.teamshelby.com/gallery/submit/?type=images&edit=1&_step=image_informations://www.teamshelby.com/gallery/submit/?type=imageshttps://www.teamshelby.cohttps://www.teamshelby.com/gallery/submit/?type=images&edit=2&_step=image_informationm/gallery/submit/?type=images&edit=2&https://www.teamshelby.com/gallery/submit/?type=images&edit=3&_step=image_information_step=image_information&edit=0&_step=image_information Been a wonderful 9 years of ownership just under 28K for my weekend warrior.
  2. at Hallet spdwy
  3. I like tungsten as long as it's red j/k
  4. With a convertible you are out of luck with Kicker, I inquired over the summer and less something has changed, they don't have one avaialble.
  5. Saw a tungsten on ebay earlier today! Texas
  6. I drove mine yesterday in upper 40's and traction was a problem! Luckily, I discovered it early when I left the house and drove alot more conservative and if your wife wants to arrive in Luxury it's a Lexus not a Cadillac unless you are going to a 70's party.
  7. bcinu


    :happy feet: Took my younger brother to MID-America in Tulsa and 4 days later a 09 coupe found its way into his garage. Brother rivalry still going strong. 100's of thousands of dollars and countless lives not to mention the wives displeasure has keep this rivalry going with no plans of stopping anytime soon. Welcome the to Shelby side little brother.
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