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  1. We bought a 1985 GT for Leo. his birthday is in September The car is in really good shape especially for a T-top car. The car was sold here locally new and ended up in Europe for a little while. It's been on the Autobahn and then it made its way back here.
  2. Hey just checking in. How do you post pictures now.my Photobucket account won't let me post third party host pictures without a subscription. .Ok I guess it been a long time since I've tried posting pictures my Photobucket account is allow me to post pictures.
  3. Good morning it was a busy weekend. I run the Cars and Coffee New Orleans events. We have it every third Saturday of the month. I just recently took over for my friend hope could no longer keep up with it. We had a really good turn out .I reached out to a bunch of car clubs in the hopes we could attract a greater variety of cars. If you are on Facebook check out Cars and coffee New Orleans.
  4. I am trying I just have a little on my plate .I think we will be flying to Toronto St Catherines Canada In January. Leo is in a robotics class and they have a event there .plus it's being held at Holy Cross High School .that is the same high school he goes to here. We meet them beginning of this year at the Vex World competition in Kentucky.
  5. Wow Doug how are you enjoying the short work week.
  6. Hey Keith , Doug and tek things have been good just the normal stuff that life throws at you. How about you guys anything new happening?
  7. Good morning guys how has everyone been? I see there has been a few changes around here.
  8. So the rumor is true that this picture is if you and Gina walking along the boardwalk
  9. Leo and I went to NOLA Motorsports on Saturday. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVvDQyyDZR7cbMo1YSNU31B5_V_-B8aBgmGYes0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BVvDckpDddXGSEwZtclMgcdaNu9Q-FNDM6-jPU0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BVvDwA4jplnFfbOu_ubYN3nlLAMwuZ5SquQHuE0/
  10. Good morning guys. This is the first weekend that I have felt halfway normal sense having recovered from pneumoniai still ha e a cough but that is slowly fading. I hope everyone has a good day.
  11. Look into this one .it cost more but it is a hell of a hand gun
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