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  1. For me having this virus my biggies concern is the lack of information on how to treat your self. Plus no one tells you the possible progression of the virus and when to be concerned. You absolutely must ask questions and research it. The biggest problem is when your body's immune system goes into hyperdrive and starts attacking your body. That's why people end up on ventilators . You must search out doctors that are willing to treat you with immune suppressant drugs. I was ready to make the phone call to several doctors in my area that are fighting this virus with those types of drugs if my oxygen levels started dropping. Me and my wife were fortunate that we never had to make those phone calls. Right now my biggest complaint is the remaining cough and fatigue.Now this is my opinion and it may differ from others I understand that. Plus I have over simplified my explanation. It does go much deeper than simply having your immune system attack your lungs.but from what I've learned is decreased blood oxygenation levels is a huge sign and you really must take it seriously while talking with your doctor You are absolutely right Doc. We must get everyone back to work and educate people more on this virus and stop the scare tactics
  2. The landcruiser is coming along slowly. The hard top is being work on and I have a few more mechanical things I need to do. Then I'll be off to rust repair and paint. About a year ago I bought a 85GT mustang with Ttops for my son and that has been taking up time and money. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hQRX3AowZqXoBCUk9
  3. Thanks I am getting better.its just taking longer the I was expecting. I am kind of surprised at how little active there is on the TS site. It's nothing like I remember it.
  4. Thanks you can find some great deals on a C6 Zo6 right now.the guys that I hang out with at NOLA MOTOR SPORTS are running the Zo6.
  5. Thanks Jim that's kind of my gut feeling that if I want the stripes back on they will ha a to to be painted on. I have considered going with a satin black stripe but i really like the tungsten color. My local guy will do the satin black parental 650 bucks useing 3M tape
  6. Hey Tek and Chris just life. I have been sick with this damn virus. It looks like I will be out of commission for another two weeks. So I am Looking into some much needed maintenance and repairs on the GT500. Two do you still have the GTO?
  7. I own a 2008 GT500 .It's black with the very dark tungsten gray stripes.well it had stripes but they got so bad looking I removed all of it with the exception of section on the trunk below the spoiler.Ford wants a small Fortune for the kit and my local guy that deals with 3m products can not even get close to matching what I had. What have you guys used to replace him with. Thanks
  8. Hey guys how has everyone doing? Looks like a lot has changed since the last time I was here.
  9. Hello I own a 2008 GT500 with a out 60k miles.has any one had a issue with play In the steering wheel. Mine has about a 1/4 inch in either direction that just seam like it's not connected to anything. Thanks for any help .
  10. Hello I own a 2008 GT500 with a out 60k miles.has any one had a issue with play In the steering wheel. Mine has about a 1/4 inch in either direction that just seam like it's not connected to anything. Thanks for any help .
  11. We bought a 1985 GT for Leo. his birthday is in September The car is in really good shape especially for a T-top car. The car was sold here locally new and ended up in Europe for a little while. It's been on the Autobahn and then it made its way back here.
  12. Hey just checking in. How do you post pictures now.my Photobucket account won't let me post third party host pictures without a subscription. .Ok I guess it been a long time since I've tried posting pictures my Photobucket account is allow me to post pictures.
  13. Good morning it was a busy weekend. I run the Cars and Coffee New Orleans events. We have it every third Saturday of the month. I just recently took over for my friend hope could no longer keep up with it. We had a really good turn out .I reached out to a bunch of car clubs in the hopes we could attract a greater variety of cars. If you are on Facebook check out Cars and coffee New Orleans.
  14. I am trying I just have a little on my plate .I think we will be flying to Toronto St Catherines Canada In January. Leo is in a robotics class and they have a event there .plus it's being held at Holy Cross High School .that is the same high school he goes to here. We meet them beginning of this year at the Vex World competition in Kentucky.
  15. Wow Doug how are you enjoying the short work week.
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