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  1. Saw Jeff J. 3 times on Wednesday......what were the chances of that? What an experience overall.....everyone needs to go at least once! Found out the SA GT350's are worth more than people thought....
  2. Congrats JD!! Beautiful car! Your car is identical to Stan's, but a vert. We'd love to have you back in the Shelby Breakfast Club, so please give it some thought! Take care Barry
  3. Thanks for the pictures and posts Jeff. Sorry I had to miss this year. I believe we saw those same drivers at the Shelby Bash in March didn't we? Barry
  4. Tony can you come on the 25th? Hope to see you there! Barry
  5. Sounds healthy. Let me know if you need my help. I'd run up there with my truck and trailer but know you have one too. Good luck!
  6. Hmmm.....interesting. 4000 rpm seems about right for a 4.6. I forgot so remind me. Are you running a SC?
  7. Yes, every month. Check out our calendar on our site at shelbybreakfastclub.org We are having a breakfast meeting and museum tour this coming Saturday. Hope you come! Hawkbarr
  8. Hi Shawn, Congrats and welcome to the Shelby family! As Jeff states, there are many fun things to do in the metro area. He mentioned two great clubs. We are having a Shelby breakfast club meeting this coming Saturday at Aspen Grove on Santa Fe, followed by a tour of the Forney Museum. We are also having a detail clinic in April in Boulder at the SA Museum. It's all on the website at shelbybreakfastclub.org The RMMR is not to miss, also the Wild West Auto Festival. Huge, well run car show! Barry
  9. Thanks all! I'm sure everyone is itching for a nice day to get their cars out.....forecast says 18" of snow this weekend. So not soon. And then there are all you guys up in the Northeast.......UGH, prayers for you all.
  10. Jeff I assume the tranny work is on the GT-H?
  11. I also posted Rob's contact info in the mountain region section if that helps. I've talked to him and business is strong!
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