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  1. I'm interested as well. PM me or text/call 734 716-6284. Can send PayPal today if the guys ahead of me haven't already.
  2. I friend of mine has an SE as well. I think his is #20. They are great cars, I like them better than than a SS. A great head turner and talking point at car shows.
  3. I can't wait to see what they look like. I've been wanting these ducts since I bought my SGT. I made my own through the honeycomb that work great, but any part designed by Jer must be better!
  4. Picked the car up yesterday evening and took it to a local car show in honor of the 50th. Absolutely perfect now, not even a hint of noise from the rear end. I guess the carrier shims were off a little on each side. I had the diff just slightly left off center and it needed to be set to the left a little more which then meant the pinion depth needed to be adjusted. Decided to do it the right way and had the shop start fresh with a new gear and hardware (bearing, carriers, shims, etc.). I didn't get it right the first time, but I sure learned a lot in the process.
  5. I highly recommend this part to all. It is a great part that Jer and the team came out with. I get more compliments on that bar than anything else I've done to the car. I guess the old guys don't appreciate a true LOUD racecar exhaust...
  6. Dropped the car off at the shop yesterday afternoon. I should have it back tomorrow night or Saturday morning. I'm curious what the verdict was as to what was wrong - you can't learn unless you know where you failed. Should be able to give it a good test once I get it back and see how everything feels. Now to putting in the new shaftmasters DS that I picked up last week and it should be good to go for another summer of tearing up the track!
  7. The Alley and the Mocsem show are both great shows. Can't wait to meet everyone, it should be a great time!
  8. It is definitely worth it. When I got my dynatech headers I had them coated locally. It does keep the engine bay cooler, I can't give you a number but other cars that I've been on the track with have hotter engines after the track time than I do. That adds up after a while to longer engine life and better performance - that's well worth the money to me.
  9. It when I let off the go pedal, Jer! It could blow up when I was on it and I'd never know until I figured out I was moving anymore! LOL!
  10. I'm sure a good portion of the issues are with poor installs, and some truly are bad gears. I'll know for sure which it is in a couple weeks. I'm sure I didn't set them up perfectly, but I got as close as I possibly could.
  11. I'm not putting another mile on it until the shop takes a look at it. I'm either going to trailer it or have it towed to them.
  12. I've made a few calls myself and it sounds like I might have gotten a bad set. Just to double check (and not let my ego get in the way of having the work done correctly) I have an appointment at a local speed shop april 9th to have them look it over and reset them. Hopefully they'll be able to get a little closer than I could, I was within spec but on the outer edge. This shop is great to work with and has thousands of FRPP gear installs. If they can't get it then it'll definitely be a bad set of gears. Hopefully they'll be able to get them close enough that my exhaust will be able to drown out the slight whine that there could be. It's just the trials that happen when you have a performance car, it'll all get smoothed out and the fun will continue.
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