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  1. It's been quite some time since I've posted on here... but thought I'd return with some interesting news. SGT1020 has been hitting the track since 2014. She's now being converted to a full blown caged race car to join our Boss 302R "Thor" in the stable as a serious piece of hardware. Thought I'd post up some recent pictures for everyone to enjoy, and so that everyone can see that there's other Shelby's out there that would make Carroll proud
  2. Looks awesome Kev, your painter is great!
  3. Thanks Kev! And yea, I added a few things -Cobra Imola Racing Seats -Watson Racing 4 Point Roll Bar -RaceQuip 6 Point FIA Harnesses -Rear Seat Delete -Steeda Billet Aluminum Front Sway Bar Brackets Only other thing the car will have next event is the Grand Am Continental (Hoosier) Slicks I have sitting in my garage. Won't be running the car again until after the 5 day Bertil Roos Racing school mid May. Going for my SCCA/NASA comp license.
  4. Thought I'd share my footage from my day at Thunderbolt Wednesday. Ran with Povoledo Track Days by Joey G (Advanced test and tune, no run groups, open track for 8 hours, open passing). Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nlxz9Oc0UQ
  5. Kevin, you guys should get some video of the cars!
  6. Looking for a Kooks 2.5" mid pipe (legs) that connect to the LT headers and X Pipe. I have a catted mid pipe now, but want to run catless. It's an easy swap. Anyone have a pair of kooks catless legs? Thanks! -Brandon Here is an image: You can see how the legs are separate from the "x-pipe". http://www.stage3motorsports.com/assets/images/kooks%20custom%20headers/60-42-orx_2011-2013_mustang_gt_kooks_offroad_x-pipe-3_med.jpg
  7. Kevin, will do. But just so you know, you're making it VERY tempting to send my car out to you lol For anyone who would like to see more of the pictures Kevin mentioned, here is the direct link: http://gotbluemilk.com/web131129b/17/index.html
  8. Looking for a used set of 18x10" Forgestar F14's. If you or anyone you know has a set they're looking to sell please let me know! Thanks!
  9. I like the wheels. Would like to know who manufactures them. I could have sworn I saw a picture with "TSW" on the center cap, but was also told Shelby gets their wheels from CDC. Anyone?
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