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  1. Looking to buy a non-abused 302, with fairly low miles (under Warr.by at least 6kmiles or more). Need to also know if you have title in hand or are financed thru B of A. Reason being for the B of A, that is the bank I will use and not sure if they would WAIT on a title it not fin. thru them. Must have both keys (track-key setup), complete paperwork including (1st Box of Goodies sent from ford to 1st owner). Best to email me at kwldco@yahoo.com. Can move on this ASAP if the above is met. High on the list of colors Kona, SBY - But open to all other colors. Thanks and keep it between the lines, Naa-V-Doc
  2. I say spread the wealth - what is he/she asking for the BOSS?
  3. Toys and stuff can be replaced, people can't!
  4. We have much to be thankful for - Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Glad you did sell the PBF badges and I felt being in second position was not as good as being in the Poll position. I found a new so I guess it's a tie even in the photo finish. lol. Good luck with the rest of the sale.
  6. I would like to be in second position for the Power By Ford badges if the first offer does not work out. Sorry about the lost of the SGT. However, if all are safe - it's a good day. Just PM or e-mail kwldco@yahoo.com on price... Thanks, Doc.
  7. When I was there for the tour, it was my son's Birthday. I too remember when they asked - who own's a Shelby - I raised my hand and my son had such a smile on his face. The gentleman next to me wanted to know - how does it feel to own a Shelby ( he was an Asssie) - My son's answer - It feels FAST! Now that was Priceless!!!
  8. Hello Ladies and Gent's, Not sure where to place this info - I have a new set of the Orig. Floor Mats that went in the SGT. I have seen on this site that the floor Mats look the same. There are some write-ups about Floor Mats but have the metal plate in a different area on the GTS then the SGT's. My SGT Mats look the same but with metal plate towards the door sill. Correct me if I am wrong, that there is a need for my mats. I am going to sell them. They are still in plastic. Other Mats for Shelby's are listed (lowest price) at $89.00 + shipping. Asking $75.00 plus shipping. Again, did I place this notice in the correct area? Please advise, Naa-V-Doc
  9. Well, We have lost a man that has made us all own or wish to own a Shelby. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to own my SGT. See ya one day Mr. S. Doc
  10. After Ford spent all that money on the 3.7 and 5.0, I do not believe that they will toss those eng. away. I do feel that besides the 3.7, 5.0, the EcoB will play a roll in the Eng.'s offered for the 2015 (+) Mustang. Design - I think we are looking at an A. Martin type of body and possible AWD in some trim/Susp. Eng. level's. Doc
  11. Just read the report as well... 8.61 / 1000 are stolen in 2009. Most likely the 8.61 per 1000 are chopped making the remainder $$$.... Sorry for our fellow SGT owners that are in the 8.61. Doc
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the Heads-up on Autolite.
  13. Getting ready to change-out my Spark Plugs on the SGT - Looking for the best plug ----- Ford Racing or Autolite??? Thanks and safe motoring. Doc
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