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  1. Shelby GT, I cant tell you how much grief I have been through in the past 3 months......same exact car same exact year and the exact same problems you are having....1st of all check the obvious things like the fuses as you probably know there is a GT500 specific fuse area to check for the fuel pumps and fuel drivers then verify the drivers and fuel pumps are both functioning if everything checks out then the bad news is that it is the PCM.....I didn't believe it either but that WAS my problem,dont be like me and WASTE a lot of money on parts you don't need AND A NEW PCM, a PCM now looks like an inexpensive part if that had been my only expense......I really feel bad for you but once you bite the bullet and everything is back to normal you will get over the loss.By the way there is a lot of pictures and verbage to help you on this website. Best of luck,Michael
  2. I have a 2008 GT500 with an OEM GPS /CD /AMFM/ Sat radio and I want to upgrade the front speakers but I cant get a straight answer concerning this particular head unit. Are the plug and play Kicker speakers that are sold on the Shelby website compatible with this radio.....many thanks for your help on this matter!!
  3. I have a 2008 GT500 and I just purchased some GT500KR Alcoa wheels....Will the OEM TPMS bands that are on the original wheels work on the 18x9.5 GT500KR Wheels?Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Final Update..... I just received my $80 rebate from Goodyear.....what a deal this was.Thanks.
  5. The KR tires are the ones that retail for $447 each.Thanks.
  6. Just to answer a few questions..... 1.The 4 tires I received were manufactured in 2008. 2.The wing foot symbol is on every tire. 3.The tires have performed flawlessly thus far. The website I ordered these tires from seems to be a ligit company. Thanks.
  7. UPDATE.....I received my tires today (total shipping to texas was only $70 for 4 tires) and I had them mouted and balanced and they drive like a dream,no excessive noise and they handle extremely well.4 supercar tires for that kind of money.....I will take em.Thanks.
  8. I ran into this blowout sale on the onlinetires website and let me give you a heads up.... You must search by brand to pull up the deal and they even have the KR tires for $99 as well with an $80 rebate if you order 4 tires.This cant last long....they had about 50 tires in each size left yesterday.good luck!!!!
  9. Jim, no mods involved,stock GT500,thanks a million for the info.street use only.
  10. I have to get my 2008 gt500 aligned.....my question is.....are there differant alignment specs for a gt500 vs. a 2008 gt or v6?thanks for your help.
  11. It was the carrier bearings.......getting this fixed with 1 month left on warranty....thanks for all of your help.
  12. how long should I DO THAT....THANKS FOR THE HELP.
  13. would that cause a whining noise?
  14. I have a 2008 GT 500,recently I have developed a noise in the rear end and I crawled under the car tonight and looked at the differential....the axel on the left side is totally dry but the right side is partially wet and has black grease on the outside.Does this have something to do with the noise and if so what could this mean in repairs?The noise is a low whine that is a lot more prevalent when you dedcelerate.Thanks for your advise.
  15. Guys, I went for my 1st inspection since I bought my 2008 gt500 and failed.the report shows cataylist not ready,o2 sensor not ready,and o2 sensor htr not ready.I have installed a jlt cold air and tune months ago and she has never shown any codes.Does this mean I will have to put the oem air and old tune back in to pass?thanks in advance.
  16. I replaced my radiator expansion tank with a larger tank.I never noticed this before but after the car warms up the new tank looks like the water is boiling while the water in the the other tank does not do that.Is there an issue?IS this normal or is there air trapped,if so how do you fix it?Thanks for your help.
  17. I just received my new KRs....I am going to have them installed this week.....cant wait.... .Is there any HP GAIN OVER THE STOCK MUFFKER
  18. I have replaced my expansion tank and after the install the additional tank appears to be boiling?The tank to the left does not display the same issue.Is this due to a possiable imballance in the system?Please help.THANKS.
  19. Thanks.....I read that thread but it does not address some of my questions,any other help out there?
  20. I am getting ready to install the new expansion tank on my 2008 GT500....AFTER THE INSTALL, can someone walk me through the set up? How much anti freeze, do you add distilled water,should I use an additive-does it really help,do you let the motor run-how long with no cap....yada yada yada....thanks for your help.
  21. does the sale include the dash plaque kit @399?thanks.
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