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  1. Hi Brian, My son has to work on Saturday now so unfortunately we won't be able to come down after all. He has a mandatory overtime shift on Friday and Saturday and would be very disappointed if I went without him. I did let my brother know but he is on vacation back east. Since the event is also a fundraiser for the group, can I use the PayPal to make a donation? Thanks, Eric
  2. Thanks Brian. I was able to print the flyer with the details. We're looking forward to it. I've got a brother in PDX that hopefully can make it. He's got one of the new GT 350's. Eric
  3. Great to see this carrying on after Grabber hosting for several years. My son is sorry he sold his '98 GT but we are looking forward to the ride down, hanging out with everyone and the drive up the mountain! Eric Maple Valley '08 GT500 vert
  4. We will meet you at Tacoma Mall. Looking forward to it! Eric
  5. If you have room for one more, my son and I are heading down this year for the first time and would like to join you at the Krispy Kreme. Eric and Trevor - 08 GT500 Vert.
  6. I put these on my 08 vert last summer and love the sound. No tune needed. Pretty straight forward install and haven't seen any sign of leaks. Does tend to drown out the SC whine but am hoping the new CAI will help once it gets installed. Here in the NW, the car doesn't get to come out that often.
  7. I recently put the KR mufflers (Ford Racing M5230-S) on my '08 vert and love the sound. Easy bolt-on and the only issue is that they drown out the super-charger when I get on it. The roar is great but I do miss the whine some. May only be an issue with the verts. Eric
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