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  1. I have an 07 with an afco heatexchanger with fans. I recently removed the single relay wiring harness and sent it to afco and they exchanged it for a dual relay and fuse holder harness. Does anyone have any pictures or ideas on where to mount 2 relays and fuse holders.When there was only 1 of each I was able to use some factory bolts that hold other items to mount everything to but now with2 of each I dont see an easy way to do the same thing. I dont really want to drill any holes and I want it to look like it was there from the factory. Any ideas or pictures would help me out. thanks
  2. Is the factory boost gauge electric? Do you know how accurate it is compared to a mechanical gauge?
  3. Has anyone else out there had their transmission blow fluid out of the breather after a high speed run? My car did that with the factory fluid until I drained about 6 ounces out of it and later I changed the fluid and filled it until it ran out the fill hole. I had the car sitting level when I filled it and again it blew fliud out of it so I drained some out of it and I have not driven it since. Anyone else had this problem?
  4. I was very happy with my steeda 2.7 pulley, intake and tune. I also bought their upper and lower rear control arms and was very happy with those also. As far as the heat exchanger goes it seems that most everyone buys one with fans on them either an AFCO or a revan racing unit. I have an AFCO and am very happy with it, although some say that the revan unit is better but it costs a few more dollars. VMP tuning is also another good place to deal with. The tunes I have gotten from him have been good and he seems very knowledgable on these cars, I just purchased one of his TVS blowers and hope to finish the install this weekend.
  5. do you know what the paint mark is for?
  6. Well I got the blower installed today, the only thing I still need is the ported elbow along with my X3 tuner that I sent to justin to install a new tune on it. But there is 1 unanswered question I have. Is the oil already installed in it? There is a white paint mark on the fill plug that was put there to know if anyone has ever taken the plug out. I am not sure why this is there. Is it there to say the oil has been installed or not? I dont want to pull the plug to see if there is oil in it and break the paint mark for fear that it may void the warranty for some reason. Does anyone know if the oil should be there or not?
  7. If you installed a new tune in the car also when you did the heat exchanger it may be set up to turn the pump on sooner. By just changing the heat exchanger alone it should not change when the coolant starts to flow.
  8. nice write up! This will definitly help me when I install it. I ordered it monday but have not heard anything from justin yet but Im sure he's really busy and he will get to me as soon as he can. Im really excited to see how this feels compared to my stock blower.
  9. Well I ordered one today,justin says he has 25 in stock so I should have it fairly quick. Are there any tips or advice on the install? Will everything bolt right up? Are there any install instructions with it? Is there a torque sequence and spec for tightening? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. yes, I think I will order one. Hopefully he still has some in stock.
  11. Can anyone tell me if a TVS will whine when under full throttle like the stock blower. I am thinking about upgrading to a VMP TVS and I love the stock blowers whine but wasnt sure if the TVS would whine as loud or if it whined at all. Does it whine at an idle at all too? thanks
  12. Up date: I installed a new goodyear gatorback belt and it is quiet for now but I suspect it will happen again. thanks for the advice- thats probably what I will have to do.
  13. Looking for some advice on how to remedy annoying belt squeal. I currently have a steeda 2.7 upper pulley, steeda belt tensioner and innovators west 10% lower pulley. The belt I have is a #100852 gates-napa belt that was sent with my lower pulley from VMP. It has been on there for about 250 miles and has been quiet until now. It only squeals when the engine is cold and seems to be squealing from the steeda belt tensioner. It does not slip while under boost or when I bring the engine above idle. If I take the steeda belt tensioner off it does not squeal. The squeal goes away if I turn the AC on. I replaced the bearing in the steeda belt tensioner pulley and deglazed the steeda belt tensioner pulley but it didnt help. I dont think it is slipping, I think it is from the backside of the belt riding on the idler pulleys. I also checked some of the bearings on some of the factory pulleys but they seemed to be good. Is there a different belt that would replace the # 100852 that may fix the problem? Is there a belt I saw a while back that was a green belt that was supposed to be a better belt? Is there a way to deglaze the backside of the belt I have now to see if that would fix it? Please help. thanks
  14. I just bought a FAST dual sensor air fuel meter and was wondering what the ideal WOT air fuel ratio is for these cars? I have my rear O2 sensors shut off and was going to install the sensors where the factory ones were. I know ideally they should be after the cats but this will allow easy installation. The instructions say you can install them after the cats and if you do it will read slightly leaner than what it actually is. So that being said what ratio should it be?
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