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  1. Is 1000 hp for real ? Would be something special for sure . Even if it came at a $30,000 to $40,000 option , still be reasonable price , hopefully it will beat GTR,s , ZR 1,s and other expensive exotics .
  2. Anyone know or guess what the HP is gonna be on one these bad boys !
  3. Yup , its true , just saw the header title at the top of this page . Gonna be one heck of a car .
  4. Well ,. coming home from work today , had the Radio on ,. big news Ford announced on the radio , new 2013 Shelby to be the most powerful ever . I was kinda thinking mid 550 to 600 , suprise 650 HP . Is this old news ?
  5. Yes these are muffler delete . I'll try and get some sounds clips tomorrow .
  6. I just bought and installed Pypes axles backs on my 2010 . Great fit and finish , the SOUND , wow !!! Best $250 spent on the car so far .
  7. Since changing to the Pypes , i find myself driving in lower gears just to hear that deep sound . I haven't noticed any drone yet but again , i'm not cruisin around . I'm going through the gears . I'll try and get some sound clips over the weekend ( new camera to figure out ) ,and post em here if someone can help me with that .
  8. Well , just finished the install of my Pypes Bombs muffler deletes . Fit and finsih are good for $250 . I bought the blacked out set from Blue Oval Industries . The sound at idle is very deep with no raspyness detected .
  9. Are they a little longer than the stock units ? They seem to be sticking out a little further . Sound wise , how are they compared to the Roush units.
  10. Well . i guess i'lll be the first to try em .
  11. Any one try these pipes ? I just ordered a set off e-bay . They are black though . Cheap enough if they dont sound good , just dump em
  12. I emailed Summit , they didnt even get back to me . Anyone were else these can be bought ? bare in mind i have to ship to Canada .
  13. Can you post some pics showing the tires from the back of the car . Just wanna see how they look from behind .
  14. Will these fit Factory rims from 2010's . Can you tell me where you got them from and how much $$$$ Thanks .
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